Decorative concrete 

Decorative concrete

Harmony Béton offers a wide range of decorative interior and exterior concrete products to help with your home improvement projects.
Give the inside of your home a fresh, modern look with your choice of polished, waxed, stained, or quartz-infused concrete.
We can also supply ready-to-use waxed concrete kits for small areas of 2 - 8 m2.
For exterior work, use stamped, stencilled, sprayed, stained, porous or exposed aggregate concrete to create your desired effect.
Whether you are starting a new project or doing renovations, we have everything you need. Let your imagination run free!

There are 12 products.
  • Harmony Béton ciré
    51,13 €tax incl. 56,81 € -10%

    Harmony Béton Waxed Concrete is a fine two-component mortar formulated from white or grey cement, selected aggregates and resins, which has been specially formulated to ensure a high degree of tensile strength and perfect adhesion. It can be applied in a thin layer of approximately 2 - 3 mm, thereby allowing the retention of existing coverings and...

    56,81 € 51,13 € tax incl.
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  • Harmony Smooth Concrete
    99,86 €tax incl. 110,96 € -10%

    Harmony Smooth Concrete is a self-levelling compound made up of cement, selected aggregates, resin and super-plasticizing agents. It can be used for the rapid finishing of large surface areas, or where only limited shading effects are required. It can be applied from a minimum thickness of 4 mm up to a maximum thickness of 27 mm. It produces a smooth and...

    110,96 € 99,86 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Harmony Patina
    25,29 €tax incl. 28,10 € -10%

    Harmony Patina is a unique range of aqueous polymer-based patina colorants, which are designed for the patination of new or old floors or walls. Harmony Patina can be applied to any horizontal or vertical porous surface, and works by surface penetration.

    28,10 € 25,29 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Achroquartz
    15,57 €tax incl. 17,30 € -10%

    Prosoldur (Achroquartz) hardener lets you colour the surface of your fresh concrete. The smooth mineral appearance of Prosoldur will give your interior a very loft-like look.

    17,30 € 15,57 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Imprinted concrete 0/2
    20,38 €tax incl. 22,64 € -10%

    Harmony Béton Colored hardener mix is a powder which is comprised of a hardener, a mixture of graded silica sands, cement, admixtures and pigments, used for the production of embossed concrete or imprinted concrete using moulds. Harmony Béton Embossing mix increases the resistance of concrete to abrasion and impacts.

    22,64 € 20,38 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • 0/3 imprinted concrete
    17,38 €tax incl. 19,31 € -10%

    Harmony Béton 0/3 imprinted concrete is a surface hardener for imprinted concrete or patterned concrete with a granularity of 0 to 3 mm. Thanks to a vast choice of coloured quartz and very competitive pricing, youll have great freedom of design for easy and durable integration into your work site.

    19,31 € 17,38 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Harmony Béton concrete topping
    25,70 €tax incl. 28,55 € -10%

    Harmony Béton concrete topping is a hardener specially designed for use in small thicknesses so as to produce imprinted concrete on an existing surface (concrete or tiling). Unlike a conventional hardener, which is used dry, our concrete topping is used as a grout similar to pancake mixture. 

    28,55 € 25,70 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Harmony Acid Stain
    29,26 €tax incl. 32,51 € -10%

    Harmony Acid Stain is a range of concentrated acid colorants for concrete, which react with the concrete by in-depth penetration to produce rich and vibrant colours which are reminiscent of natural mineral shades.

    32,51 € 29,26 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Harmony Sprayed concrete
    39,12 €tax incl. 43,47 € -10%

    Harmony Sprayed Concrete is a two-component mortar comprised of resin, cement, admixtures and special fillers, which is applied using a spray gun. Harmony Sprayed Concrete is used for the production of decorative floors, whether in new structures or in renovation projects. It may be applied, with or without a pattern, on a wide variety of base surfaces...

    43,47 € 39,12 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Harmony Deactivator
    59,72 €tax incl. 66,36 € -10%

    Harmony Deactivator is an aqueous surface deactivation agent, which poses no hazard to users and is harmless to the environment. Harmony Deactivator can be used to delay the hydration of cement in an unshuttered concrete surface to a depth of 2 mm, for granulates of size 5 - 8 mm. The final cleaning of concretes treated by this method will then allow the...

    66,36 € 59,72 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Porous concrete
    186,88 €tax incl. 207,65 € -10%

    Harmony Béton porous concrete is a solvent-free, natural stone and polyurethane resin-based surfacing material. Harmony Béton porous concrete is designed to provide a porous surface of limited thickness, with a natural appearance.

    207,65 € 186,88 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Achroquartz
    556,20 €tax incl. 618,00 € -10%

    618,00 € 556,20 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
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