Wax & Shine

Do you want to maintain your concrete floor and make it shiny ?

Then use the Harmony Wax (polishing acrylic) or Harmony Wash and Wax (clean and wax).

In the case where you need to strip the wax, use our Décireur.

Harmony Wax

Harmony Wax is an acrylic wax for all types of floors. Harmony Wax is not affected by...
Price €22.52 tax incl.
41 avis

Harmony Wash & Wax

Harmony Wash & Wax is a polymer-based emulsion containing waxes and surfactants, which...
Price €20.30 tax incl.
23 avis

Harmony Wax Remover

Harmony Décireur is an alkaline detergent concentrate can be diluted with water to remove the...
Price €27.40 tax incl.
4 avis

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