Repair of the surfaces

Before making a decorative concrete floor or polished concrete wall, surface preparation is essential. The repair of the surfaces will allow an application and an optimal fit. Ideally, the surface must be flat and healthy, should not exhibit cracks and must offer maximum grip to the concrete. Depending on whether a wall, or a flat surface; a small or a large surface, the principle is the same. It is to grant special attention to the preparation of the support for rendering impeccable and durable finish. A bad repair of surfaces will result to a poor result, a greater amount of product used, poor drying due to the lack of homogeneity, greater fragility and premature deterioration of your soil or concrete wall. You will understand, prepare your support is both economic and essential to a result meet your expectations!

Speciale kit crack

This kit contains all of the products to repair a crack in a concrete or a scratch coat.
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