Repair of the surfaces 

Repair of the surfaces

Before making a decorative concrete floor or polished concrete wall, surface preparation is essential. The repair of the surfaces will allow an application and an optimal fit. Ideally, the surface must be flat and healthy, should not exhibit cracks and must offer maximum grip to the concrete. Depending on whether a wall, or a flat surface; a small or a large surface, the principle is the same. It is to grant special attention to the preparation of the support for rendering impeccable and durable finish. A bad repair of surfaces will result to a poor result, a greater amount of product used, poor drying due to the lack of homogeneity, greater fragility and premature deterioration of your soil or concrete wall. You will understand, prepare your support is both economic and essential to a result meet your expectations!

  • Mortier de lissage
    18,90 €tax incl. 25,20 € -25%

    DESCRIPTION Harmony Smoothing Mortar is a ready-to-use one-component acrylic paste mortar for smoothing surfaces. It can be applied to any irregular surface or tiled surface to fill the joints to make them smooth before applying our waxed concretes.

    25,20 € 18,90 € tax incl.
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  • Harmony Kit Cement glue
    15,22 €tax incl. 20,29 € -25%

    The kit Harmony Ciment glue is a kit composed of Universal primer and a repair mortar with base of hydraulic binder, modified by additives and resins of very high performance.The cement glue must be used as a primer to fill the seams of the tiles and reset the level to zero before the application of Harmony waxed Concrete.

    20,29 € 15,22 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Harmony Levelling Compound
    28,91 €tax incl. 38,55 € -25%

    Harmony Levelling Compound is a ready-to-use self-levelling hydraulic binder-based mortar, comprised of mineral fillers, modified with resin and admixtures, which can be walked upon 4 hours after application. It is designed for the levelling and equalization of floors. It provides the ideal base surface for Harmony Béton Patina or Harmony Acid Stain.

    38,55 € 28,91 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Kit spécial fissure
    32,34 €tax incl. 43,12 € -25%

    This kit contains all of the products to repair a crack in a concrete or a scratch coat.

    43,12 € 32,34 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Special corner kit
    43,13 €tax incl. 57,50 € -25%

    This kit will allow you to : - to repair or to waterproof the corners of the walls of your shower, - to integrate a work plan with the wall in order to achieve a single piece with the work plan and the credence table, - to secure the stair nosing, wood or plastic with the walk before moving on to cover a staircase of polished concrete.

    57,50 € 43,13 € tax incl.
    Online only Reduced price!
  • Fiberglass strip 90m x 48 mm
    8,76 €tax incl.

    Mesh glass fibre which is highly resistant with acrylic adhesive. Easy to apply. Resists distortion and stretching.

    8,76 € tax incl.
  • Renovator of surface SMCS
    87,43 €tax incl. 116,58 € -25%

    The Rénov concrete SMCS is a mortar ultra-thin happens to roll over a traditional concrete or a concrete printed. It allows you to renovate or change the color.

    116,58 € 87,43 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Sample Rénov concrete
    11,12 €tax incl. 14,83 € -25%

    Need to test the rénov concrete and/or choose the color ? This kit will allow you to achieve +/- 1 m2.

    14,83 € 11,12 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
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