Accelerator & Retarder 

Accelerator & Retarder

The accelerator without chlorine Harmony Béton is a ready to use to incorporate during the preparation of concrete, into the router or the cement mixer. The making of concrete accelerator allows: an acceleration of taking screeds or formwork, thus reducing time of harvest or application of the selected finishes; an increase of mechanical resistance in the short term. Harmony Accélérateur Béton is the solution that allows the realization of your work in all weathers, all year round.

  • Harmony Accelerator
    32,22 €tax incl.

    Harmony Accelerator is a chlorine-free setting accelerator which allows a high degree of mechanical strength to be achieved within a short time, even in cold weather conditions. At low temperatures, the addition of Harmony Accelerator ensures the frost-resistance of freshly-poured concrete.

    32,22 € tax incl.
  • Delaying making concrete
    12,78 €tax incl.

    Liquid admixture retarding the taking of concretes, mortars, and coatings, maintaining the initial characteristics and which does not change the mechanical resistances finals, the assay performed : the time taken is not increased but only shifted.

    12,78 € tax incl.
  • Accelerator outlet NC dose
    4,86 €tax incl.

    Accelerating admixture without chlorine to concretes, mortars and plasters. 1 dose for 1 sack of cement of 35 kg.

    4,86 € tax incl.
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