Exterior concrete kits 

Exterior concrete kits

Concrete stamped or printed lets you achieve resistant, aesthetic and modular coatings for your outdoor spaces. In addition to excellent handling in time, our concrete for exterior kits allows you to define your spaces, create vehicular lanes or build your surroundings. Ideal to give character to your patio and your garden walkways, dress up the access to the car park and the floor of your garage, or even build your poolside. It can be a new realization or cover a former coating. Choose the style and color that suit you, and then enjoy day after day, year after year, all the benefits of our outdoor concrete kits: economic; aesthetics, wide choice of patterns and colors; resistant to thermal shock, abrasion and impacts; easy maintenance, no foams or herbs; resistant to hydrocarbons and acids; resistant to vehicles traffic.

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As a manufacturer, we are experiencing shortages of raw materials.

Faced with the very large increase in orders during this health crisis, some of our products will be missing or cannot be dispatched within 48 hours.

We will contact you personally to inform you of any additional delays if necessary.
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