Concrete Additives

Admixtures are materials that are added to concrete in very small quantities (less than 5% of the weight of cement), before or during mixing. They can be added to fresh concrete, during the setting and curing stage, or in the hardened state.

Harmony Latex

Harmony Latex is an aqueous dispersion of a synthetic resin, which is specially designed for the...
Price €53.14 tax incl.
2 avis

Harmony Cure SL

Harmony Cure SL is a resin of aromatic solvents, colourless, specially designed to avoid...
Price €16.39 tax incl.

Harmony Dyes

Our pigments are powdered and are of natural or artificial origin. They allow you to color the...
Price €12.90 tax incl.
12 avis

Metallic dye

The dyes of the liquid metal effect is intended for the staining of wood stains, varnishes,...
Price €21.60 tax incl.
7 avis

Sequin metallic

Shiny glitter to mix with an epoxy resin, a varnish or a wax. 7 colors to discover.
Price €5.70 tax incl.
2 avis

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