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Using polypropylene fibres enables you to reinforce concrete and reduce the risk of cracking and crazing. We recommend you to use Harmony Béton water-reducing agent to modify the workability and plasticity of the concrete.

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Harmony Polypropylene fibres increases the resistance of concrete and mortar, plaster and all other coatings and reduces hair and lattice cracks.

Insensitive to acids, water and salts.

Available in white; 12, or 20 mm long.

For ease of dosage and application packed in 75 or 500g bags.


Type: Polypropylene fibres, 12 mm

Packaging: +/- 500 g bag

Dosage: 1 bag / 500 g for 1m3 Beton.

Type: Polypropylene fibres, 20mm

Packaging: +/- 75 g bag

Dosage: 1 bag / 75 g for 1 bag of cement Zement of 35 kg.

Storage: 24 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Compliant with standard EN 934-2 und NFP 18.103


The fibres must be premixed simultaneously with sand + cement.

Mix dry for 1 to 2 minutes. Then add water and mix again for another minute, or 2.

To improve the processing and homogeneity of the mixture, we recommend to add our liquefying agent (1 dose per bag of cement).

If a professional concrete mixer is used at high speed, we recommend the following: Knead fibres, sand and cement for 5 minutes at high speed. Again, to improve the processing and homogeneity of the mixture, we recommend to add our liquefying agent (120/150 ml per 100 kg of cement).



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Particle size 34 µ
Consumption 1 bag 1m3

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