Helicopter concrete

A concrete screed achieved mechanically with a helicopter, also called rotary or mechanical trowel, smooths the fresh concrete on the ground or a fresh screed before its complete plug. Through the use of the helicopter, you are going to get a very smooth surface, perfectly primed to be tiled or receive the waxed concrete finish and varnish. Ideal to make screeds on large external as internal surfaces. After a concrete realized by the helicopter, use the finish varnish of Harmony Béton to be applied to the roller."

Harmony Wax

Harmony Wax is an acrylic wax for all types of floors. Harmony Wax is not affected by...
Price €22.52 tax incl.
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Harmony Wash & Wax

Harmony Wash & Wax is a polymer-based emulsion containing waxes and surfactants, which...
Price €18.77 tax incl.
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