Béton ciré (spreadable) 

Béton ciré (spreadable)

Our waxed concrete is a finely crafted two-component mortar that can be used on any horizontal or vertical surface (tiling, timber, metal, plaster, etc.). This formula works best when applied in two 1-2 millimetre coats.
To give you an idea of how much you will need, 20 kg + 5L of resin will cover a surface that measures 7x8 m2. You can choose from a variety of 30 colours and achieve different finishes depending on the method of application.
This product lends a natural and distinctive appearance to your interior surfaces. Vary colours and textures to bring a touch of style to your entire home (kitchen, lounge, stairway, shower rooms or furnishings).

  • Béton ciré Quick view
    53,76 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton Waxed Concrete is a fine two-component mortar formulated from white or grey cement, selected aggregates and resins, which has been specially formulated to ensure a high degree of tensile strength and perfect adhesion. It can be applied in a thin layer of approximately 2 - 3 mm, thereby allowing the retention of existing coverings and...

    53,76 € tax incl.
  • Swatches color polished concrete Quick view
    48,99 €tax incl.

    This color chart polished concrete of 30 colors so you can make you account the color with precision. It is made from the actual application ofHarmony waxed Concrete. Delivery is free in France. The swatches can be repaid in the form of you if it is returned intact.

    48,99 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Kit Cement glue Quick view
    21,98 €tax incl.

    The kit Harmony Ciment glue is a kit composed of Universal primer and a repair mortar with base of hydraulic binder, modified by additives and resins of very high performance.The cement glue must be used as a primer to fill the seams of the tiles and reset the level to zero before the application of Harmony waxed Concrete.

    21,98 € tax incl.
  • Primary adhesion Harmony Prim Plus Quick view
    4,07 €tax incl.

    Designed for media that is closed, non-absorbent or smooth. Harmony Prim Plus is a primary adhesion of the aqueous phase to support the closed, non-absorbent or smooth type :wood painting old tiles concrete helicopterUse before the application of Harmony waxed Concrete or Harmony Spray Concrete.

    4,07 € tax incl.
  • Waxed concrete resin Quick view
    13,67 €tax incl.

    The waxed concrete resin facilitates the smoothing of your waxed concrete, or increases the fluidity of concrete during application. You are strongly advised against replacing this resin with water.

    13,67 € tax incl.
  • Optimum Lacquer Quick view
    58,07 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an aliphatic polyurethane base in the aqueous phase and with high resistance to water abrasion, which is designed for the protection of interior floors or walls. It provides excellent surface protection for coverings which are subject to intense wear or exposed to water...

    58,07 € tax incl.
  • Verre gradué 2 L Quick view
    6,90 €tax incl.

    This 500 ml measuring jug is essential for perfectly measuring the quantity of resin necessary for applying waxed concrete.

    6,90 € tax incl.
  • Echantillon béton ciré Quick view
    37,53 €tax incl.

    You want to test our products? Harmony Béton sells samples allowing you to produce a small 1 m² surface. The kit includes all the processes for testing our waxed concrete except for protective glaze.

    37,53 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Smoothing blade Quick view
    30,00 €tax incl.

    The new and revolutionary smoother for the application of Harmony Waxed concrete. Its design allows the effortless formation of exceptionally flat surfaces.

    30,00 € tax incl.
  • Échantillon Béton Ciré Quick view
    5,24 €tax incl.

    Beton cire Sample of 15 x 10 cm with Premium satin varnish on.

    5,24 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse inox pour béton ciré Quick view
    20,05 €tax incl.

    Flexible stainless steel blade with rounded edge, ideal for laying stucco or waxed concrete. Bi-material handle allowing a good grip.

    20,05 € tax incl.
  • Universal Prim Granite Quick view
    6,72 €tax incl.

    Universal Prim Granite is a primer universal liquid composed of synthetic resin, adhesion promoter, and specific charges (granular) allowing the grip to the mortar.It allows you to regulate the porosity of the supports and adheres to the substrates such as concrete, tile, stone, etc., that it is porous or not.

    6,72 € tax incl.
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