Béton ciré (spreadable)

Our waxed concrete is a finely crafted two-component mortar that can be used on any horizontal or vertical surface (tiling, timber, metal, plaster, etc.). This formula works best when applied in two 1-2 millimetre coats.
To give you an idea of how much you will need, 20 kg + 5L of resin will cover a surface that measures 7x8 m2. You can choose from a variety of 30 colours and achieve different finishes depending on the method of application.
This product lends a natural and distinctive appearance to your interior surfaces. Vary colours and textures to bring a touch of style to your entire home (kitchen, lounge, stairway, shower rooms or furnishings).

Béton ciré

Harmony Béton Waxed Concrete is a fine two-component mortar formulated from white or grey...
Price €59.47 tax incl.
28 avis

Optimum Lacquer

Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an...
Price €58.07 tax incl.
54 avis

Waterproof underlay

Our waterproof underlay is a resin-sealing non-circulatory and collectible, resin-based liquid...
Price €53.76 tax incl.
8 avis

Béton ciré sample

You want to test our products? Harmony Béton sells samples allowing you to produce a small 1 m²...
Price €37.53 tax incl.
15 avis

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