Béton ciré Bathroom Kits 

Béton ciré Bathroom Kits

Find, in this category, our polished concrete for bathrooms and showers, whether or not on tile, as well as all the tools you'll need to perform your polished concrete.

Polished concrete is particularly suited to parts of water because it is a resistant material which does not fear the humidity. In addition, thanks to the many colours available, your bathroom in waxed concrete will be a charm !

For your shower, use the kit-polished concrete - shower in the case where the sealing of the first has been made. If not use the kit béton ciré walk-in shower with seal.

To apply the concrete wax on your tile bathroom, choose the kit over tile. For the floor, use the special kit soil.

In case of doubt about the tightness of your shower, using our sub-layer étanch for the whole shower or just the kit special angle.

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