Preparation in a shower 

Preparation in a shower

To achieve a perfect sealing of a shower, using the Harmony Under layer étanch'.

Do not forget to treat the corners with the special kit angle - bathroom.

  • Sous couche étanch
    46,10 €tax incl.

    Our waterproof underlay is a resin-sealing non-circulatory and collectible, resin-based liquid in the aqueous phase of a green color and load granular that forms after drying an adherent membrane, flexible, waterproof and resistant to cracking. Ideal in new or in renovation for the realization of a tight seal before recovery.

    46,10 € tax incl.
  • Fiberglass strip 90m x 48 mm
    8,76 €tax incl.

    Mesh glass fibre which is highly resistant with acrylic adhesive. Easy to apply. Resists distortion and stretching.

    8,76 € tax incl.
  • Special corner kit
    57,50 €tax incl.

    This kit will allow you to : - to repair or to waterproof the corners of the walls of your shower, - to integrate a work plan with the wall in order to achieve a single piece with the work plan and the credence table, - to secure the stair nosing, wood or plastic with the walk before moving on to cover a staircase of polished concrete.

    57,50 € tax incl.
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  • Primary grip Harmony Prim epoxy
    31,78 €tax incl.

    Harmony Prim epoxy is a glue, epoxy two-component, very high power eye-catching. It should be used as primer before the application ofHarmony polished Concrete orHarmony scratch coat.

    31,78 € tax incl.
  • Bande fibre de verre auto adhésive
    22,58 €tax incl.

    Self-adhesive fibreglass strip for patching cracks or reinforcing corners.

    22,58 € tax incl.
  • Bol mélangeur souple
    4,37 €tax incl.
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