ISY Béton ciré 

ISY Béton ciré

ISY Béton ciré is a ready-to-use waxed concrete paste. Just open the bucket and apply. No dosage, no mixing to do, no coloring to add. It's ISY !!

It can be applied both to vertical surfaces and to horizontal indoors and outdoors.

Its great flexibility and elasticity allow it to be applied almost on any support.

There are 2 grain sizes: standard and fine.

Thanks to a vast color chart of 90 colors, your projects will find in the ISY Waxed Concrete the color necessary for their realization.

What is ready-mixed waxed concrete?

Our ready-to-use ISY waxed concrete is a ready-to-use paste that can be applied to any type of surface: concrete, plaster, wood, syporex screeds ...

How to apply ISY waxed concrete ready to use on tiles?

  • First apply the Universal Granite Prim using the tray and roller kit: the goal is to prepare the substrate to receive the smoothing mortar by having a gripping action on the tiling. The goal is to cover the entire tile, including the joints. Leave to dry for a minimum of 2 hours before proceeding to the next step.

  • Second, once the coat of Prim Granité Universel has dried, fill the joints with the leveling mortar using a float and a trowel. The goal is to make the surface completely smooth. Once a 24-hour drying time has been completed, carefully scrape off any roughness and remove dust then apply the smoothing mortar over the entire surface. Let dry 12 hours and sand the surface.

  • Third, apply the ISY Standard Waxed Concrete solution over the entire surface. This mixture is ready to use and does not require any dosage or mixing beforehand. Apply the solution evenly and smoothly. Leave to dry for 12 hours then sand, dust and apply a layer of our ISY Fine Waxed Concrete solution in a cross pass. Leave to dry for 24 hours, sand.

  • Cross-pass the Premium finishing varnish for a smooth and homogeneous finish. ISY waxed concrete ready to use has a soft and smooth finish that will add character to your interior.

ISY waxed concrete ready to use has a soft and smooth finish that will add character to your interior.

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