Sweeped concrete 

Sweeped concrete

The concrete swept, simple and easy of achievement, is a concrete whose surface still wet, was swept away.

The scanning is done with a broom specific to hair soft is mounted on sleeve or on lisseuse.

It is used when one wishes to obtain a surface particularly anti slip as in a descent or a mounted path or walkway.

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  • Kit balai de marquage
    81,75 €tax incl.

    This kit contains the broom, as well as the sleeves to make a concrete swept. Broom 90 cm, and hairs in the nylon fiber of 8 cm. Designed to bring a finish anti-slip or aspects sandy soils in concrete. Stick alu 1.5 m telescopic.

    81,75 € tax incl.
  • Balai de marquage 90 cm
    66,90 €tax incl.

    Broom finish width 90 cm and hairy nylon 8 cm. Fits on the handle of aluminum. Sold alone without the sleeve reference CC263.

    66,90 € tax incl.
  • Telescopic pole steel
    24,14 €tax incl.

    Telescopic pole steel that is both lightweight and robust. Can be blocked to the desired length by the action of the twist/lock. With a universal fitting to screw in to the broom marking.

    24,14 € tax incl.
  • Manche à balai aluminium
    20,30 €tax incl.

    Round aluminum brush finish. 3 tubes of 50 cm, screw them for reference CC166-01.

    20,30 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Grande Lisseuse Magnésium
    298,06 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro large-size magnesium float is a round-ended float. It is equipped with the Rock-It system – essential for smoothing concrete before the application of coloured hardening agents.

    298,06 € tax incl.
  • Broom 122 cm for magnesium trowel
    313,33 €tax incl.
  • Balai pour lisseuse
    200,23 €tax incl.

    Broom only to replace in case of wear of the broom on lisseuse.

    200,23 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Manche alu
    31,12 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro aluminium handle is designed to be clipped onto the PermaPro large-size magnesium float or the PermaPro large-size stainless steel float.

    31,12 € tax incl.
  • Balai poils en fibre
    7,84 €tax incl.

    Broom finish, width 60 cm and hairy nylon 8 cm.

    7,84 € tax incl.
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