Acid Stain Tools

In this topic, you will find all the tools and accessories needed for the realization of concrete colored to acid stain. The protection of the walls or surrounding soils allow your implementation in the best conditions, without risking to stain or throw acid stain anywhere else other than on your concrete support. Taking some time to protect your site is so much time gained thereafter to avoid having to catch any drips and stains and it is the guarantee of an impeccable final appearance. Use the proper tools to the Harmony acid Stain application for more comfort and precision. Work quickly, in the best conditions, and thus make a worthy of a professional rendering! Protections, preparation of medium and appropriate tools are the hallmarks of a successful acid stain concrete. Click here for everything you need for your construction site protection and the realization of your acid stain: acid stain sprayer; tarpaulin and scotch of protection, special varnish rollers, empty plastic buckets.

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