Sold in packages to the unit or by 40 (for a savings of 15%), Harmony Béton polypropylene fibers are recommended to strengthen the impact of concrete strength, reduce shrinkage cracks when drying and avoid the alligator. They also improve the workability and cohesion of concrete (for example shotcrete) and allow for aesthetic siding on specific grounds. They are also particularly recommended to improve the fire resistance of concretes whose compactness is high. At temperatures exceeding 140 ° to 170 °, the fibers melt by creating a three-dimensional network of connected small capillaries allowing the water vapor contained naturally in the concrete to escape, thus avoiding overpressure. This reaction to the heat also allows avoiding spalling of surface of concrete subjected to a rise in temperature. Best used with the Harmony thinner to appropriately modify the workability and plasticity of concrete when incorporating fibers. Our polypropylene fibers are used particularly for: the concrete pavements, parking lots, driveways garden ; concrete, mortar subjected to shocks ; concrete extruded or steep ; mortars of screeds and coatings ; prefabricated products (siding) ; projected mortars ; the improvement of cohesion when the concrete is still fresh. Harmony Béton polypropylenes fibers can perfectly replace anti-cracking mesh.


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