Harmony Béton offers a comprehensive range of tools for any concrete project, whether you are working with waxed concrete, smooth concrete, patina concrete, acid stain concrete or embossed concrete. We also offer tool kits that include everything you need.

  • Tools Kit béton lissé
    156,00 €tax incl.

    Our smooth concrete toolkit contains all the tools you will need for producing smooth concrete.

    156,00 € tax incl.
  • Tools Kit Béton ciré
    37,81 €tax incl.

    The waxed concrete toolkit contains all the tools you need for proper application of waxed concrete.

    37,81 € tax incl.
  • Waxed concrete toolkit
    20,02 €tax incl.
  • Kit outils béton ciré avec lisseuses angle
    66,03 €tax incl.

    The kit of tools for waxed concrete, including corner smoothers, comprises all the tools required for the correct application of waxed concrete to an angular base surface, such as a stairway, or a work surface.

    66,03 € tax incl.
  • Mini kit outils pour béton lissé
    60,68 €tax incl.

    This toolkit for smooth concrete includes tools that will be useful to your for producing a smooth concrete surface.

    60,68 € tax incl.
  • Tools Kit Stamped concrete
    606,00 €tax incl.

    The kit includes all the tools necessary for producing your concrete imprint.

    606,00 € tax incl.
  • Kit outils Béton patiné
    17,54 €tax incl.

    Our toolkit for patinated concrete contains the tools necessary for working with patinated concrete. They will enable you to apply patina and glaze.

    17,54 € tax incl.
  • Kit complet de finition
    300,00 €tax incl.

    This kit includes the two Harmony Béton textured rollers: wood grain and rock. It also contains two finishing rollers for joints, one S tool, and one 45 x 45 cm rock texture mould. The complete kit you need for perfect finishes.

    300,00 € tax incl.
  • kit simple de finition bois
    118,66 €tax incl.

    This kit includes one wood grain-textured roller, two finishing rollers, and an S tool. Everything you need for achieving perfect finishes!

    118,66 € tax incl.
  • kit simple de finition bois
    118,66 €tax incl.

    The simple rock finishing kit contains one rock-textured roller, two finishing rollers, and one S tool. A complete kit for achieving perfect finishes!

    118,66 € tax incl.
  • Kit de marquage à la craie
    15,88 €tax incl.

    Fast Rewind Chalk Line Set 3pce For quick and easy line marking. Soft-grip chalk line with a 3:1 gear ratio for fast line retraction. 

    15,88 € tax incl.
  • Kit spécial déco patine
    39,66 €tax incl.

    The kit special patina is composed of the tools necessary to create effects that are buffered, mopped, crumpled... This kit may allow you to achieve beautiful effects with our patina or simply with a painting. Place on your creativity and your artistic qualities to create unique effects.

    39,66 € tax incl.
  • Verre gradué 2 L
    4,82 €tax incl.

    This 500 ml measuring jug is essential for perfectly measuring the quantity of resin necessary for applying waxed concrete.

    4,82 € tax incl.
  • Verre gradué 2 L
    10,65 €tax incl.

    This 2 L measuring jug is an essential tool for perfectly measuring a quantity of water for smooth concrete.

    10,65 € tax incl.
  • Seau Plastique vide
    1,98 €tax incl.

    Plastic buckets of 5, 11 or 20 L capacity for preparing and mixing, for example, waxed concrete, cement-glue or spray.

    1,98 € tax incl.
  • Seau de 30 L
    11,88 €tax incl.

    Bucket to mix and to easily transport the mortar or scratch coat. Its handles facilitate the transport, and its shape will allow you to control it and regulate the payment on the ground.

    11,88 € tax incl.
  • Seau de 40 L
    14,40 €tax incl.

    Our 40 L bucket is perfect for mixing our smooth concrete. The shape and handles of our 40 L bucket enables you to easily carry and pour Harmony Béton smooth concrete.

    14,40 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Eponge de cimentier
    3,34 €tax incl.

    The cementwork sponge is essential for eliminating defects and undulations during the initial application of Harmony Béton waxed concrete.

    3,34 € tax incl.
  • Balance numérique
    21,82 €tax incl.

    Digital scale with metric and imperial read-out. Precise to within 1 gramme!

    21,82 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Balance
    55,37 €tax incl.

    The Ultraship 55 scale has a detachable front panel with extendible cable (80 cm) that enables you to read weights even if the bucket or object is much bigger than the weighing platform. Essential for weighing waxed concrete, Optimum glaze or colouring agents!

    55,37 € tax incl.
  • Hygromètre digital
    21,75 €tax incl.

    Hygrometer with backlit LCD display. Measures the humidity in materials such as plaster, concrete, mortar, etc. Also displays the ambient temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Ideal for checking the humidity in a medium before applying glaze!

    21,75 € tax incl.
  • DIY 2kW Workshop Electric Fan Heater
    119,48 €tax incl.

    Mains-powered portable heater producing up to 2kW of heating power over two heating modes and a fan mode.

    119,48 € tax incl.
  • Nettoyeur haute pression 135 bar
    132,00 €tax incl.

    Air-cooled 1400W induction motor offers reliability and energy efficiency whilst the auto stop/start feature automatically operates the motor to maintain water pressure. 

    132,00 € tax incl.
  • Aspirateur eau et poussière 30 L, 1 250 W
    197,20 €tax incl.

    Powerful vacuum cleaner/blower with 58Ltr/sec airflow and 18kPa suction power. Ideal for workshop dust and chippings extraction as well as general use.

    197,20 € tax incl.
  • 2hp Air Compressor 50Ltr
    430,98 €tax incl.

    Portable air compressor, ideal for use in the garage and DIY workshop. Reliable 1500W (2hp) motor and durable oil-lubricated, air-cooled, single-stage pump. Powers a wide variety of air tools. Large 50Ltr pressure tank with max air flow of 200 Ltr/min and 8 bar (116psi) max working pressure.

    430,98 € tax incl.
  • Hygromètre digital
    50,92 €tax incl.

    Compact with an orbital action for use in difficult locations and difficultly-accessible corners. The ergonomic handle designed to fit the palm of the hand reduces vibrational effects so as to enhance user comfort and control over the appliance. Dust extractor pipe.

    50,92 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Ponceuse excentrique 150 mm 430 W
    132,00 €tax incl.

    Robust 430W motor provides powerful orbital action, ideal for small to medium finish sanding on a wide range of timbers. Hook and loop bases compatible with both 125 and 150mm diameter sandpaper. Includes 2 bases, dust extraction canister and pipe, spare carbon brushes and hex key.

    132,00 € tax incl.
  • Malaxeur 850 w
    62,29 €tax incl. 88,99 € -30%

    88,99 € 62,29 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Malaxeur
    148,32 €tax incl.

    Mixer for intensive use with variable speed. Useful for mixing waxed concrete, smooth concrete, mortars, sealing products, levelling coats, etc.

    148,32 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Turbine malaxage 730 mm
    18,10 €tax incl.

    PlatedFor use with electric drills. To mix paint, plaster, cement slurries and textured coatings. Hex shank. Requires 10mm or larger chuck.

    18,10 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Turbine for electric dril
    7,89 €tax incl.

    This mixing paddle is fitted to a drill and enables you to mix waxed concrete, epoxy primer or Optimum glaze in small quantities.

    7,89 € tax incl.
  • 600W Wall & Ceiling Sander 225mm
    316,95 €tax incl.

    High performance wall and ceiling sander with powerful 600W motor with 1500rpm, soft start and variable speed control. Self-adjusting sanding base. Hook and loop secure sheet mounting. Large sanding surface for rapid work rate.

    316,95 € tax incl.
  • 1500W Electric Breaker
    339,78 €tax incl.

    Medium-sized demolition hammer with 1900bpm impact rate and an impressive impact energy of 45 Joule. For masonry and asphalt. 360° rotational handle with vibration-reducing ridged rubber grip. Standard 30mm (1-1/8") steels are secured by sprung pin. Supplied with high-impact blow-moulded case with tow wheels and multi-locking points.

    339,78 € tax incl.
  • 500 watt work light
    33,03 €tax incl.

    Extremely strong cast aluminum structure with metal protection grille. Adjustable support for easy positioning. Works with linear halogen bulb. Light output of 7,000 lumens.

    33,03 € tax incl.
  • Cable reel 25 m
    48,00 €tax incl.

    Cable Reel 240V Overload protection with reset button. Easy wind handle.

    48,00 € tax incl.
  • Disques abrasifs treillis auto-agrippants 150 mm
    12,85 €tax incl.

    High quality aluminium oxide abrasive mesh. Heavy duty 120gsm hook and loop backing for strong connection and high performance. Open mesh for high removal rate and superior dust extraction. Suitable for orbital and random orbit sanders.

    12,85 € tax incl.
  • Disques abrasifs carbure de silicium
    5,10 €tax incl.

    Silicon carbide-coated abrasive discs Ø 115 mm to reduce fouling and make the extraction of dirt more efficient. Washable and reusable. 4 times stronger than standard abrasive sheets. Compatible with all self-gripping media. Lot of 10 discs.

    5,10 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse blanc 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    This is the least aggressive record. It is used to buff or polish dry. It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse rouge 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    This disc is intended for light cleaning. It removes shoe marks and light stripes. It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse bleu 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    Intermediate cleaning pad, quickly removes soiling with minimal wear of the coating. Ideal for bottom cleaning of scratch-sensitive floor coverings. It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse vert 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    Deep cleaning discs for hard floors such as concrete. They can also be used for light varnish repair operations. It can be used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse noir 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    This disc is only intended for soil stripping. It can be used to remove basic monocomponent protective layers, such as waxes or varnishes.It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Double-sided disc
    18,69 €tax incl.

    Double-sided disc marble, concrete and stone.

    18,69 € tax incl.
  • Disque d'affleurage
    6,33 €tax incl.

    The disc affleurage is a disk lattice openwork with abrasives for stripping and sanding with a floor polisher. It is openworked and avoids clogging. It can be used on both sides.

    6,33 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Pistolet à projeter
    193,53 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro spray gun is designed for projecting Harmony Béton spray concrete. This spray gun fits any type of compressor. The air pressure must be at least 3 bars. It can be used for walls or floors, thanks to an adaptable 45° elbow. The projection nozzle can be adjusted to 7 positions allowing you to project a texture of varying fineness.

    193,53 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Pulvérisateur 2L
    30,65 €tax incl.

    Our sprayer allows you to apply the varnish (Premium, hydro), the dispenser or the acid stain with its seals of viton on small surfaces.

    30,65 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Stucco trowel
    9,60 €tax incl.

    The stucco-worker trowel enables you to take waxed concrete from a bucket more easily.

    9,60 € tax incl.
  • Spatule plastique
    2,55 €tax incl.
  • PermaPro Smoothing blade
    30,36 €tax incl.

    The new and revolutionary smoother for the application of Harmony Waxed concrete. Its design allows the effortless formation of exceptionally flat surfaces.

    30,36 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse flamande 1er prix
    14,57 €tax incl.

    Entry-level Flemish-style float: quenched carbon steel blade with polished wood handle. Comfortable large-diameter handle.

    14,57 € tax incl.
  • Permapro Finishing trowel
    18,91 €tax incl.
  • Standard stainless steel trowel
    8,74 €tax incl.

    High quality stainless steel blade. Comfortable soft grip handle. Perfect for the application of waxed concrete.

    8,74 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse inox pour béton ciré
    10,94 €tax incl.

    Flexible stainless steel blade with rounded edge, ideal for laying stucco or waxed concrete. Bi-material handle allowing a good grip.

    10,94 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Lisseuse fer
    58,24 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro steel float is a tool that enables the porosity of the concrete to be closed after having sprinkled it with Harmony Béton imprinted concrete.

    58,24 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Lisseuse magnésium
    50,31 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro magnesium float is a round-ended float. Enables you to open the porosity of the concrete before the application of Harmony Béton imprinted concrete.

    50,31 € tax incl.
  • Finishing trowel 45 cm
    13,98 €tax incl.

    Lisseuse iron 450 mm x 120 mm ideal for smoothing out the surface after the application of hardeners colored or smooth the concrete before and after application of the matrices.

    13,98 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Inside Outside corner tool
    35,60 €tax incl.

    The set of two stainless steel corner smoothers allows the straightforward formation of internal or external corners. These can be used for the formation of work surfaces, nosings, etc.

    35,60 € tax incl.
  • Truelles d'angle 1er prix
    16,08 €tax incl.

    Our entry-level corner trowels are have 120 mm quenched steel blades and polished wood handles. They enable you to obtain an exact finish in corners and in re-entrant and salient angles.

    16,08 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Lisseuse plastique ABS rond
    9,34 €tax incl.

    This plastic straightener prevents black marks during the grinding of waxed concrete.

    9,34 € tax incl.
  • Taloche à main magnésium 40 cm
    54,00 €tax incl.

    Magnesium float with a rounded tip for smoothing with a minimum of trace and a stretch for smoothing at the edge or corner of the walls.

    54,00 € tax incl.
  • Taloche en résine

    The float in the resin has the same function as the lisseuse or magnesium trowel wood.

  • Taloche bois

    Lisseuse wood that is used as the lisseuses magnesium to open the porosity of the concrete and bring up the water.

  • Taloche éponge
    11,21 €tax incl.

    Use the sponge float on large surfaces to remove all the minor defects remaining from application of the first layer of waxed concrete.

    11,21 € tax incl.
  • Taloche à main magnesium 76 cm
    86,40 €tax incl.

    Allows slapping large surface thanks to its height of 76 cm by 8. The 2 ends are at a right angle to a smoothing at the edge or corner of the walls.

    86,40 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Grande Lisseuse Magnésium
    298,06 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro large-size magnesium float is a round-ended float. It is equipped with the Rock-It system – essential for smoothing concrete before the application of coloured hardening agents.

    298,06 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Grande Lisseuse fer
    147,20 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro large-size stainless steel float is a float made of stainless steel, with a Rock-It rotary attachment. An essential tool for closing the surface of concretes and making them less porous and stronger.

    147,20 € tax incl.
  • Broom 122 cm for magnesium trowel
    313,33 €tax incl.
  • PermaPro Manche alu
    40,08 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro aluminium handle is designed to be clipped onto the PermaPro large-size magnesium float or the PermaPro large-size stainless steel float.

    40,08 € tax incl.
  • Adaptateur pour manche alu
    41,86 €tax incl.

    This is adapter allows you to use the short aluminium reference 14249 on the iron edge reference 14112 or iron to seal reference.

    41,86 € tax incl.
  • Adapter on wood handle for trowel
    25,18 €tax incl.

    The adapter for trowel allows you to adapt a handle on the trowems Marshalltown. The wood handle Marshalltown fits then.

    25,18 € tax incl.
  • Adaptateur pour lisseuse
    58,07 €tax incl.

    This kit consists of 2 adapters. One is attached to the handle of the Marshalltown iron smith. This simple and economical adapter allows you to attach your iron straightener with a wooden handle or a clipable aluminum handle.

    58,07 € tax incl.
  • Mini roller tamper
    122,61 €tax incl.
  • Roller tamper 122 cm
    389,59 €tax incl.

    Our roller tamper simplifies the job of smoothing concrete after pouring it. Just pass the roller tamper over the surface of your freshly-poured concrete to submerge the aggregate and simplify the job of surface levelling.

    389,59 € tax incl.
  • Fer à joint demi lune
    6,46 €tax incl.

    Half moon joint iron Ideal after the realization of the joints for the horizontal or vertical printed concrete.

    6,46 € tax incl.
  • Fer à joint
    42,88 €tax incl.

    This tool is used for creating expansion joints in concrete toppings.

    42,88 € tax incl.
  • Fer à joints
    43,67 €tax incl.

    This tool is fixed on a handle to enable joints to discing over long distances.

    43,67 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Fer à bordure
    22,90 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro edger enables you to round the salient corners of concretes and shutterings. Facilitates shuttering removal without breaking the corners.

    22,90 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Fer à bordure
    29,16 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro edger enables you to round the salient corners of concretes and shutterings. Facilitates shuttering removal without breaking the corners.

    29,16 € tax incl.
  • Edge iron for handle
    42,00 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro edger enables you to round the salient corners of concretes and shutterings, working over large distances. Facilitates shuttering removal without breaking the corners. For use with our edger handle.

    42,00 € tax incl.
  • Fer à bordure 1er prix 250 mm
    16,70 €tax incl.

    This edger enables you to apply a rounded finish to fresh cement edges. Quenched stainless steel blade and comfortable wood handle.

    16,70 € tax incl.
  • Handle for edger
    41,17 €tax incl.

    This handle fits edger with no problem.

    41,17 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Dame
    69,24 €tax incl.

    The tamper for concrete is a tool that enables one to better imprint patterns when working with Harmony Béton imprinted concrete. It is supplied with a handle.

    69,24 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro rouleau débulleur
    29,66 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro finishing roller enables you to create or finish joins in imprinted concrete. Available in V-shape or flat textured shape.

    29,66 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau texturé empreinte
    69,22 €tax incl.

    Use the PermaPro wood grain-textured roller for imprinting surfaces that are difficult to access, or for complementary work with our wood or parquet moulds.

    69,22 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau texturé empreinte
    69,22 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro rock-textured roller is used to imprint surfaces to which access is difficult or as a complement to rock texturing.

    69,22 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Rouleau laqueur
    6,78 €tax incl.

    Our glaze roller enables you to apply the Harmony Béton range of glazes to small surfaces or surfaces that are difficult to access.

    6,78 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Rouleau spécial vernis 118 cm
    10,85 €tax incl.

    The large size of the PermaPro 250 mm special varnish roller will enable you to easily apply binding primer to your surface.

    10,85 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Floor painting roller frame 250 mm
    16,71 €tax incl.

    This roller holder is designed for use with a 250 mm roller.

    16,71 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau spécial vernis 250 mm
    4,31 €tax incl.

    This 250 mm complete roll is the perfect tool for the application of finishing layers on your decorative concretes (filler, varnish and resins...) It allows an easy application without leaving the traces of roll. Compatible with the handle 3 m alu.

    4,31 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau primaire pour manche
    9,57 €tax incl.

    Ideal for quickly and easily passing primers or epoxy on large surfaces thanks to its width and the addition of a handle. Adaptable wooden handle, aluminum or plastic. Delivered without handle.

    9,57 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau vernis sur manche 40 cm
    11,10 €tax incl.

    Roll special varnish for concrete - Ideal for applying varnish on large surfaces on the ground. Exists in 3 sizes (40, 50 and 60 cm).

    11,10 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau Débulleur manuel 20 cm
    9,60 €tax incl.

    Manual Deburring Roller spikes plastic special floor paint and epoxy resins with mount. It is the ideal tool for the finishing of epoxy paints for floors, or the debulking of resins, epoxies, or scratch coat. Delivered with his mount.

    9,60 € tax incl.
  • Spraying roller plastic spikes
    12,24 €tax incl.

    Spraying roller plastic spikes special floor for paints and epoxy resins with mount. It is the ideal tool for finishing epoxy floor paints or debulking epoxy resins or patching.

    12,24 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau Débulleur époxy sur manche
    19,20 €tax incl.

    Deburrer roll 300 mm on handle to eliminate air bubbles resulting from mixing with the mixer. To spread the smoothing plaster, self-leveling screed and self-leveling screeds during application. Adaptable wooden handle, aluminum or plastic. Spike length: 1 or 3 cm. Delivered without handle.

    19,20 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Brosse
    5,36 €tax incl.

    The mould release agent brush enables you to easily apply Harmony Béton coloured mould release agent.

    5,36 € tax incl.
  • Jeu de 2 spatules pour retouche.
    18,50 €tax incl.

    Durable blades made of soft spring steel.

    18,50 € tax incl.
  • Jeu de 2 lames de sculture
    14,32 €tax incl.

    Forged solid steels, tempered, tempered and rectified for durability.

    14,32 € tax incl.
  • Lame à lisser
    66,87 €tax incl.

    Blade soft rubber for smooth coated and resurfacings. Can be used by hand or with a handle. Avoids burns on the coated base cement. Ideal for the epoxy resin or to the spray mortar.

    66,87 € tax incl.
  • Squaliss
    34,38 €tax incl.

    Blade specifically designed for the plasterer-painter, plaquiste or enduiseur. Ideal for large areas of polished concrete. Ergonomic handle in "S" to a position of a hand or claw easy.

    34,38 € tax incl.
  • Stucateur pour seau
    21,00 €tax incl.

    The stucateur bucket with a blade rounded allows you to take it easy on the waxed concrete or plaster in a bucket.

    21,00 € tax incl.
  • Râteau époxy à picots
    25,46 €tax incl.

    Rake 50 cm wide.Steel frame very durable Very good resistance to solvents 500 mm wide Adapts to wooden stick or telescopic

    25,46 € tax incl.
  • Manche téléscopique alu TP Deko
    20,40 €tax incl.

    Telescopic aluminum handle. Up to 3 m unfolded. The color of the handle can vary. Telescopic boom both light and robust, suitable for painter rollers and squeegees. Can be locked to the desired length by twisting / locking action. Achieves high walls, ceilings or floors. Equipped with universal screw-in connector and tapered adapter.

    20,40 € tax incl.
  • Règle à tirer 1200 mm
    38,72 €tax incl.

    Cross-section profile includes strengthening spine for rigidity. 2 wooden handles can be adjusted as required and are fitted with callus prevention stops.

    38,72 € tax incl.
  • Râteau à ragréage
    33,00 €tax incl.

    To apply the scratch coat to the desired thickness. Adjustable from 0 to 55 mm. Long. 70 cm. Delivered without handle.

    33,00 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Régle d'étalement
    79,44 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro smoothing blade allows you to place Harmony Béton smooth concrete or Harmony Béton concrete topping, and precisely adjust the height of your mortar by means of two screws.

    79,44 € tax incl.
  • Rateau à béton 50 cm
    7,98 €tax incl.

    This spreader is used to facilitate the placement of concrete. Fits the telescopic handle of 3 m or a broom handle. Extremely robust.

    7,98 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro étendeur à béton
    21,46 €tax incl.

    The concrete spreader is an essential tool for placing concrete faster and more easily.

    21,46 € tax incl.
  • Balai de marquage 90 cm
    68,88 €tax incl.

    Broom finish width 90 cm and hairy nylon 8 cm. Fits on the handle of aluminum. Sold alone without the sleeve reference CC263.

    68,88 € tax incl.
  • Balai poils en fibre
    7,84 €tax incl.

    Broom finish, width 60 cm and hairy nylon 8 cm.

    7,84 € tax incl.
  • Balai pour lisseuse
    187,87 €tax incl.

    Broom only to replace in case of wear of the broom on lisseuse.

    187,87 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro manche à balai
    6,64 €tax incl.

    Broom stick for a concrete spreader or for our 500 mm or 250 mm roller holders.

    6,64 € tax incl.
  • Balai à plat
    20,99 €tax incl.

    The flat broom allows you to easily and quickly pass the pore mouth; Premium varnish or wax thanks to its microfiber cover.

    20,99 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Gant pour patine
    10,82 €tax incl.

    The patina glove enables you to apply patina to the surface and give it decorative effects.

    10,82 € tax incl.
  • Housse microfibre
    8,14 €tax incl.

    Refill for the flat broom.

    8,14 € tax incl.
  • Tray & roller
    6,62 €tax incl.

    Includes 1 tray and 1 medium pile sleeve to apply primer and 1 foam sleeve for varnish.

    6,62 € tax incl.
  • Bac à peinture
    3,03 €tax incl.

    Extremely resistant polypropylene paint tray suitable for all types of water and oil-based paints, varnishes, lacquered paints and wallpaper glue. Textured background to remove excess material and spread evenly over the roll. Washable and reusable or to be covered with disposable protective films.

    3,03 € tax incl.
  • Protège bac jetable
    0,67 €tax incl.

    Clear, disposable PVC inserts with even loading, cross-hatch pattern. Insert in roller trays or use separately. Eliminates the need to wash out the tray and prolongs service life. Allows quick swaps between paint types and colours.

    0,67 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Tamis
    20,51 €tax incl.

    The sieve enables you to screen your mixture to eliminate lumps after having mixed Harmony Béton smooth concrete, before applying it to your surface.

    20,51 € tax incl.
  • S tool
    34,61 €tax incl.

    The S tool lets you do jointing at the joins between imprint moulds. It is composed of shapes of different widths so as to best adapt to all types of joints.

    34,61 € tax incl.
  • Joint de dilatation
    14,83 €tax incl.

    Expansion joint 100cm long 4.5mm high. Perfect for respecting existing expansion joints when making smooth concrete. Glued application.

    14,83 € tax incl.
  • Joint de dilatation
    21,49 €tax incl.

    Expansion joint of 145 cm and 4.5 mm height. Perfect for use with existing expansion joints when producing smooth concrete. Fitted bonded.

    21,49 € tax incl.
  • Joint d'arrêt
    14,83 €tax incl.

    Stop joint 100 cm long and 4.5 mm high. Perfect for stopping for example at the threshold of a door during the realization of a smooth concrete. Glued application. Available in length of 250 cm.

    14,83 € tax incl.
  • Joint d'arrêt
    21,49 €tax incl.
  • Tampon déco patine effet froissé
    5,38 €tax incl.

    Buffer square imitation chamois. Dimension 14 x 14 cm Provides decorative and stamped.

    5,38 € tax incl.
  • Garniture papier pour cale
    6,25 €tax incl.

    Silicon carbide sanding paper for sanding blocks. Ideal for sanding work surfaces, showers or small surfaces.

    6,25 € tax incl.
  • Cale à poncer auto-aggrippante
    6,80 €tax incl.

    This easy-grip sanding block is ideal for sanding work surfaces, showers or small surfaces after applying waxed concrete. For use with sanding paper for sanding blocks.

    6,80 € tax incl.
  • Kits barres à débuller aluminium
    94,00 €tax incl.

    Deburring bars for self-levelling floor screed and smoothing of the concrete. The kit includes 1 handle and 2 bars removable 75 cm or 1.5 m.

    94,00 € tax incl.
  • 10 sacs à gravats série lourde
    10,02 €tax incl.

    Tough 70gsm woven material reusable rubble sacks. Puncture resistant. For use with bricks, sand and gravel.

    10,02 € tax incl.
  • Big bag 1 tonne
    25,35 €tax incl.

    High strength polypropylene fabric with tensile strength of base >1372N/50mm and webbing >12258N/40mm. Safe working load 1000kg with safety factor 6:1. Sift-proof seams and heavy duty stay-open corner loops, stitched to surround bag completely. Easy to stack

    25,35 € tax incl.
  • Cordeau de maçon 100 m
    4,13 €tax incl.

    Strong high visibility nylon line on spinning reel for easy winding and unwinding. Colours vary.

    4,13 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro rouleau débulleur
    24,00 €tax incl.

    Peripheral strip creates a division between your floor and walls, so as to prevent cracking at the edge. One roll is enough for a 150 m² surface area.

    24,00 € tax incl.
  • Fiberglass strip 90m x 48 mm
    8,76 €tax incl.

    Mesh glass fibre which is highly resistant with acrylic adhesive. Easy to apply. Resists distortion and stretching.

    8,76 € tax incl.
  • Bande fibre de verre auto adhésive
    22,58 €tax incl.

    Self-adhesive fibreglass strip for patching cracks or reinforcing corners.

    22,58 € tax incl.
  • Ruban de masquage
    4,72 €tax incl.

    Low Tack Masking Tape Low-tack crepe paper masking tape with special low-adhesion synthetic rubber adhesive designed to give a crisp, sharp line on delicate surfaces, such as freshly-painted or plastered walls, wallpaper, treated wood and emulsion paint. 

    4,72 € tax incl.
  • Rubalise
    18,43 €tax incl.

    Barrier safety tape that can be used to mark out hazards as necessary.

    18,43 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Bâche de protection
    10,70 €tax incl.

    Apply protective adhesive tape to protect surfaces as necessary when placing your concrete.

    10,70 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Bâche de protection
    16,14 €tax incl.

    Protective sheeting provides the necessary protection to all your surfaces before the application of your decorative concrete.

    16,14 € tax incl.
  • Nail shoes TP Deko
    21,60 €tax incl.

    The nail shoes allow you to work without leaving any trace when applying an epoxy resin or smoothed Harmony Concrete.

    21,60 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Chaussure à clous
    27,60 €tax incl.

    PermaPro nailed boots enable you to work without leaving marks when applying Harmony Béton smooth concrete.

    27,60 € tax incl.
  • Chaussure de carreleur
    19,80 €tax incl.

    Tiling boots or clogs enable you to walk on moulds without leaving marks.

    19,80 € tax incl.
  • Genouillères à coussinets de gel
    27,62 €tax incl.

    Neoprene knee pads with gel inserts and adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Hard plastic caps protect padding.

    27,62 € tax incl.
  • Adaptateur pour lisseuse sol
    31,88 €tax incl.

    The fastener rotary Marshalltown, ia, is fixed on the lisseuse irons in place of the rotating head.

    31,88 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    315,67 €tax incl.

    This spray allows the application of form oils, water repellents for facades, products for wood treatment, paint strippers-borne and c...

    315,67 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    110,62 €tax incl.

    The LASER line provides products with the best quality/price ratio of the market industry. Application of désactivants and diluted acids. Compatibility table supplied with the device.

    110,62 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    129,04 €tax incl.

    Application of form oils, water repellents surface treatment products wood and carpentry, stripper-borne, products, rodent control products, pest control, dégroudronnants, anti-foam neutral basis.

    129,04 € tax incl.
  • Kit balai de marquage
    84,00 €tax incl.

    This kit contains the broom, as well as the sleeves to make a concrete swept. Broom 90 cm, and hairs in the nylon fiber of 8 cm. Designed to bring a finish anti-slip or aspects sandy soils in concrete. Stick alu 1.5 m telescopic.

    84,00 € tax incl.
  • Manche à balai aluminium
    21,00 €tax incl.

    Round aluminum brush finish. 3 tubes of 50 cm, screw them for reference CC166-01.

    21,00 € tax incl.
  • Eponge de mer
    18,39 €tax incl.

    Sea sponge 100% natural 1st choice. Particularly recommended for the realization of patinas decorative wall or traditional patinas to the ground.

    18,39 € tax incl.
  • Eponge scratch
    2,15 €tax incl.

    Sponge to make it look striped coatings, or to the patina.

    2,15 € tax incl.
  • Eponge effet essuyé
    5,31 €tax incl.

    Paid for patina to create a "wiped".

    5,31 € tax incl.
  • Couvre chaussures jetables
    8,13 €tax incl.

    Lot of 100 shoe covers disposable, single-use Shoe covers CPE-resistant with elasticated rim. Resistant to moisture, splashes and dirt. Textured for a better grip. Essential to not leave a trace of the sole when applying the acid stain, or more generally of any liquid product on the ground.

    8,13 € tax incl.
  • Pulvérisateur 8 L
    20,09 €tax incl.
  • Kit tools special scratch coat
    68,00 €tax incl.

    This kit includes the essential tools for the realization of a scratch coat : the roller for the application of the primary The rake for scratch coat and the shoes with nails for casting The roller débulleur for a perfect implementation.

    68,00 € tax incl.
  • Iron walking grooves in stainless steel
    33,36 €tax incl.

    Allows you to perform a stair nosing, anti-slip, creating grooves. 4 streaks Size : 15.24 x 12.70 cm Spacing of streaks : 2 cm

    33,36 € tax incl.
  • Flat iron-and-groove stainless steel
    36,49 €tax incl.

    Ideal for treads anti skid with 6 ribs. Handle Durasoft Dimension : 15.2 x 15.2 cm

    36,49 € tax incl.
  • Squeegee Trowel Marshalltown 56 cm
    71,98 €tax incl.
  • Lot 5 brushes
    3,32 €tax incl.

    Hairs 100% natural. Ferrule tin. An excellent performance with fiber glass, epoxy and other materials for lamination. Standard sizes : 2 x 25 mm 1 X 40 mm and 2 mm x 50 mm.

    3,32 € tax incl.
  • Kit tools full polished concrete rounded corner
    49,44 €tax incl.

    This kit is comprehensive tool for polished concrete contains the tools required to apply the polished concrete on a surface with angles like a staircase or a work plan with the edges soft and rounded.

    49,44 € tax incl.
  • Mini turbine
    4,94 €tax incl.

    Mini turbine 25 cm long to put on a driver dévisseuse or a drill to mix paint or varnish as the varnish is Optimum.

    4,94 € tax incl.
  • Spatule tête ovale
    10,60 €tax incl.

    Forged solid steel, tempered, tempered and rectified for durability.

    10,60 € tax incl.
  • Spatule tête pointue
    10,60 €tax incl.

    Forged solid steel, tempered, tempered and rectified for durability.

    10,60 € tax incl.
  • Kit tools Nail
    24,80 €tax incl.

    This kit includes : a roll of 250 mm for the application of the varnish, a tray and protects tray disposable a handle alu telescopic 3 m to facilitate the installation in the solou on the wall.

    24,80 € tax incl.
  • Balai pour frotter
    4,99 €tax incl.

    Brush for washing the floors and surfaces dirty. Moulded in polypropylene, synthetic fibers. Dimension brush : 29 cm

    4,99 € tax incl.
  • Balai naturel coco
    3,29 €tax incl.

    3,29 € tax incl.
  • Broom inside
    6,67 €tax incl.

    Broom soft interior designed for the cleaning of all types of soils : marble and natural Stone, parque and laminate flooring, tomette and terracotta, tiled floors and plastic floors... Dimension : 28 cm No screws integrated on the broom

    6,67 € tax incl.
  • Dustpan
    2,33 €tax incl.

    Hand Brush 100% Natural. For use indoors or outdoors. Dimension : 30 c m

    2,33 € tax incl.
  • Sponge double-sided
    4,99 €tax incl.

    Sponge microfibre, with one side microfiber and one side mesh. Double action for a complete cleaning. Size : 230x110 mm

    4,99 € tax incl.
  • Sponge synthetic
    3,70 €tax incl.

    Sponge multi-cleanings, with a strong foaming. Its large size allows you to wash large areas. Size : 180x115x60 mm

    3,70 € tax incl.
  • Shovel + small brush
    2,40 €tax incl.

    Shovel plastic with lip flexible. Hand brush with soft bristles. Ideal for cleaning Size : 28 x 22 cm

    2,40 € tax incl.
  • Scouring pads
    3,79 €tax incl.

    A scouring pad. Removes all kinds of dirt. Sold in pack of 5. Size : 150x100 mm

    3,79 € tax incl.
  • Squeegee
    2,59 €tax incl.

    Squeegee to remove liquid on flat surfaces. Ideal for cleaning window panes and tiles. Dimension : 25 cm

    2,59 € tax incl.
  • Rags microfiber
    6,98 €tax incl.

    Pack of 3 microfibre cloths including a cloth that is super absorbent allowing you to quickly eliminate the droplets of water, a soft cloth to buff and a detailing cloth for windows. Dimension : 40 x 40 cm

    6,98 € tax incl.
  • Bucket plastic 12 litre
    4,82 €tax incl.

    Bucket, round plastic for all uses. Anse metal and plastic handle. Capacity of 12 litres.

    4,82 € tax incl.
  • Sponge scouring pad
    2,64 €tax incl.

    The sponge double-sided is a maintenance tool indispensable in every day to clean. Sold in pack of 2 Size : 110x65x25mm

    2,64 € tax incl.
  • Mop embossed
    6,10 €tax incl.

    Mop embossed white to clean floors. Its large size allows to be cut in two. Size : 96x45 cm

    6,10 € tax incl.
  • Spray bottle 500 ml
    4,49 €tax incl.

    Spray multi-purpose hand-held 500 ml. Colors not contractual.

    4,49 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse angle intérieur saillant
    19,20 €tax incl.
  • Lisseuse angle intérieur saillant
    19,20 €tax incl.
  • Monture pour rouleau usage intensif
    5,04 €tax incl.

    Roller Frame Heavy Duty Heavy duty, galvanised steel paint roller frame with thick-gauge shaft and spokes for strength and durability. Ergonomic, injection-moulded handle. For use with 230mm slide-on sleeves with 44mm (1-3/4") internal diameter.

    5,04 € tax incl.
  • Fer à bordure 15 x 7.5
    21,00 €tax incl.
  • Pistolet pour mortier
    228,00 €tax incl.

    228,00 € tax incl.
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