Maintenance & Protection

Protect and maintain your new concrete surface whether it is a floor, kitchen countertop, or a bathroom wall. There are several simple steps you can take to keep your home looking new and fresh.

Optimum Lacquer

Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an...
Price €58.07 tax incl.
54 avis

Pore Sealant

Harmony Pore Sealant is a water-based primer/pore sealant which is recommended for use prior...
Price €14.80 tax incl.
26 avis

PermaPro SL glaze

Harmony Béton PermaPro SL glaze is a methacrylate resin-based glaze that durably protects your...
Price €21.42 tax incl.
46 avis

Wet-look glaze

Our wet-look glaze is a polyurethane glaze that protects and enhances the colours of the medium....
Price €69.59 tax incl.
34 avis

Harmony Wax

Harmony Wax is an acrylic wax for all types of floors. Harmony Wax is not affected by...
Price €22.52 tax incl.
41 avis

Harmony Wash & Wax

Harmony Wash & Wax is a polymer-based emulsion containing waxes and surfactants, which...
Price €18.77 tax incl.
23 avis

Harmony Degreaser

Harmony Degreaser is an alkaline detergent concentrate can be diluted with water for...
Price €16.63 tax incl.
1 avis

Sealer stripper

Stripper varnish is a new generation paint stripper gel. It does not contain chloride...
Price €25.15 tax incl.
6 avis

Décap Foam

Décap foam is a concentrated liquid can be diluted with water which eliminates the plants, such...
Price €58.42 tax incl.
2 avis

Harmony Wax Remover

Harmony Décireur is an alkaline detergent concentrate can be diluted with water to remove the...
Price €23.39 tax incl.
4 avis
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