Patinated concrete tools

For stained concrete projects, Harmony Béton offers a line of PermaPro tools.

Sea sponge

Sea sponge 100% natural 1st choice. Particularly recommended for the realization of patinas...
Price €33.52 tax incl.
1 avis

Patina glove

The patina glove enables you to apply patina to the surface and give it decorative effects.
Price €14.09 tax incl.
5 avis

Special patina kit

The kit special patina is composed of the tools necessary to create effects that are buffered,...
Price €40.90 tax incl.
  • Pack

Gel Knee Pads

Neoprene knee pads with gel inserts and adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Hard...
Price €30.17 tax incl.
5 avis

Lot 5 brushes

Hairs 100% natural. Ferrule tin. An excellent performance with fiber glass, epoxy and other...
Price €3.63 tax incl.
4 avis

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