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  • Imitation cardinal star
    228,00 €tax incl.
  • Occitan cross
    264,00 €tax incl.

    The Occitan cross, also called Toulouse, of Languedoc, of Forcalquier, of Venasque or cathar. Diameter 100 cm. Pan with 2 handles on the back.

    264,00 € tax incl.
  • Kit de coloration rosace
    43,26 €tax incl.

    This stain kit is composed of 6 bottles of 250ml enviro colored nail Polish and a brush. It will allow you to color the rose of the winds, the stars, the cardinal. There are 2 boxes each with 6 different colors.

    43,26 € tax incl.
  • Matrice imitation Rose des vents
    270,00 €tax incl.

    A mould to give a wind rose imprint to your concrete surface.

    270,00 € tax incl.
  • Matrice imitation Cercle pavé
    144,00 €tax incl.

    A mould designed to give a cobblestone circle imprint to your concrete surface.

    144,00 € tax incl.
  • Imitation paved circle extension
    72,00 €tax incl. 144,00 € -50%

    144,00 € 72,00 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Imitation paved quarter circle
    92,70 €tax incl. 185,40 € -50%

    185,40 € 92,70 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Semi-circle pattern
    123,60 €tax incl.

    This semi-circle mould is designed for use with our imitation cobblestone circle mould, to increase its diameter by 30 cm. The colour of the moulds can vary from one manufactured batch to another.

    123,60 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Empreinte circulaire Mandala
    257,50 €tax incl.

    Mold circular concrete printed with the pattern of a mandala. The print is equipped with 4 handles on the back. Diameter 107 cm

    257,50 € tax incl.
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