Tools for self levelling mortar

Achieve a scratch coat is simple ! It is still necessary to have the right tools.

We offer you all the tools necessary to realize your work and apply it :

The roller to apply the primary grip

The mixer and buckets required for mixing,

The lisseuse flemish, shoes, nails and a rake to apply and implement comfortably in the scratch coat,

The rollers débulleurs,

Finally, the rubalise to protect your site.

Patching rake

To apply the scratch coat to the desired thickness. Adjustable from 0 to 55 mm. Long. 70 cm....
Price €41.60 tax incl.
37 avis

Nail shoes

The nail shoes allow you to work without leaving any trace when applying an epoxy resin or...
Price €32.40 tax incl.
18 avis

40 L bucket

Our 40 L bucket is perfect for mixing our smooth concrete. The shape and handles of our 40 L...
Price €22.80 tax incl.
18 avis
Seau de 30 L -50%

25 L Bucket

Bucket to mix and to easily transport the mortar or scratch coat. Its handles facilitate...
Regular price €31.76 Price €15.88 tax incl.
5 avis
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