Cleaner and Degreaser 

Cleaner and Degreaser

Use to maintain daily, your floors, Harmony neutral Cleaning agent specially formulated to clean without harming the protective varnish, or our black soap 100% natural olive oil.

To remove grease from a floor, using the Harmony degreaser.

Need to renovate a floor or a wall very dirty ? The renovator of the surface is there for that.

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  • Black soap with olive oil
    17,64 €tax incl.

    Harmony black Soap is a produit 100% natural obtained from the saponification traditional to the potash of the olive oil. Contains no phosphates, or parabens, or EDTA or BHT.

    17,64 € tax incl.
  • Cleaner 3 D Neutral
    10,56 €tax incl.

    Harmony Cleanser A 3-D neutral detergent neutral disinfectant bactericidal, and deodorant. It is recommended to clean, disinfect and deodorize in one operation. Thanks to its neutral pH, it can be used on the soil type Harmony waxed Concrete, polished Concrete, Concrete patina, and by extension all soils sensitive to alkaline detergents.  

    10,56 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Neutral Cleaning Agent
    16,72 €tax incl.

    Harmony neutral cleaning agent is a neutral, pleasantly perfumed and non-foaming detergent. It has been developed for straightforward daily application to treated floors, using a mop, a floor-cleaning machine or a scrubber-dryer. Harmony neutral cleaning agent is recommended for the cleaning of floor coverings such as Harmony Waxed Concrete, Harmony...

    16,72 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Degreaser
    15,23 €tax incl.

    Harmony Degreaser is an alkaline detergent concentrate can be diluted with water for degreasing of soil manually or mechanically. It can also remove soot, grease and dirt, insoluble in water.

    15,23 € tax incl.
  • Balai à plat
    20,99 €tax incl.

    The flat broom allows you to easily and quickly pass the pore mouth; Premium varnish or wax thanks to its microfiber cover.

    20,99 € tax incl.
  • Cleaner Renovator surface floor - wall - facade
    11,34 €tax incl.

    The renovator of the area is a detergent, versatile, focused, powerful, alkaline, especially designed for deep cleaning of dirt and atmospheric pollution. It contains no acid and is biodegradable at 90%. No need to scrub.

    11,34 € tax incl.
  • Housse microfibre
    8,14 €tax incl.

    Refill for the flat broom.

    8,14 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse rouge 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    This disc is intended for light cleaning. It removes shoe marks and light stripes. It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Pad monobrosse bleu 407
    3,73 €tax incl.

    Intermediate cleaning pad, quickly removes soiling with minimal wear of the coating. Ideal for bottom cleaning of scratch-sensitive floor coverings. It is used dry on machines with a speed greater than 350 rpm. Sold individually or in boxes of 5. Thickness 23-25 mm in polyester fiber.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Décap'tartar for polished concrete
    4,94 €tax incl.

    Décap’ tartar is a stripper ready to use to effectively remove the traces of tartar and limestone on the concrete polished. It is especially recommended for the shower in waxed concrete, so as not to damage or attack the protective varnish. It is safe for septic tanks.

    4,94 € tax incl.
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