Concrete deactivated

Harmony Béton Deactivation Agent must be applied to fresh concrete in order to create an exposed aggregate surface. It removes the top layer of concrete and highlights the small stones granules underneath.
Harmony Béton deactivation agent creates a durable, non-slip surface that is visually appealing and easy to maintain. Combine granulates of different sizes and colours with contrasting materials (stones, slabs or bricks) to create the aesthetic you desire.

PermaPro SL glaze

Harmony Béton PermaPro SL glaze is a methacrylate resin-based glaze that durably protects your...
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Rose of the winds -35%

Rose of the winds

Dimension of the stencil ABLE to achieve a wind Rose : Ø 90 cm The technique is simple. He...
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Occitan Cross -35%

Cross of Languedoc

Dimension of the stencil HAVE to carry the Cross of Languedoc : 128 x 128 cm He simply embed...
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