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HARMONY BETON is proud to introduce a new generation of stencil polyurethane reusable. The latest innovation for the decorative concrete !

This new technology allows to embed in the concrete a stencil for that, then after it is removed, its drawing in depth on a few minimètres.

The technique is simple. he simply embed in fresh concrete the stencil and then choose the finish smoothing the surface, by scanning it or by applying a clearing.

The stencil by its qualities of flexibility and hardness can be when the concrete has hardened, removed, rolled up and reused on another site.

Rose of the winds -35%

Rose of the winds

Dimension of the stencil ABLE to achieve a wind Rose : Ø 90 cm The technique is simple. He...
Regular price €350.93 Price €228.10 tax incl.
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  • -35%
Occitan Cross -35%

Cross of Languedoc

Dimension of the stencil HAVE to carry the Cross of Languedoc : 128 x 128 cm He simply embed...
Regular price €384.67 Price €250.03 tax incl.
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  • -35%

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