Béton lissé (self-levelling)

Harmony Béton polished concrete is an easy-to-use self-levelling compound that protects against indentations and chipping. It has been tested by the CSTB scientific & technical centre for building construction (CSTB report n° R2EM-SIST-12-26039058).
With its mineral appearance and our variety of shades, Harmony Béton polished concrete can blend in perfectly with your décor or stand out as the centrepiece of the room. Choose from a variety of colours and apply it in 4 mm layers to new or old base surfaces, concrete slabs, or tiling. Combining strength, coverage, and colour, self-levelling concrete is the ideal choice for your floor renovation projects.

Béton lissé

Harmony Smooth Concrete is a self-levelling compound made up of cement, selected aggregates,...
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Optimum Lacquer

Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an...
Price €58.07 tax incl.
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