Tools of the mason and of the chapiste 

Tools of the mason and of the chapiste

Here you can find some tools or consumables that are essential in the work of masonry : The cord in passing through the buckets to mix or bars to débuller.

  • Cordeau de maçon 100 m
    4,13 €tax incl.

    Strong high visibility nylon line on spinning reel for easy winding and unwinding. Colours vary.

    4,13 € tax incl.
  • Kit de marquage à la craie
    15,88 €tax incl.

    Fast Rewind Chalk Line Set 3pce For quick and easy line marking. Soft-grip chalk line with a 3:1 gear ratio for fast line retraction. 

    15,88 € tax incl.
  • Kits barres à débuller aluminium
    94,00 €tax incl.

    Deburring bars for self-levelling floor screed and smoothing of the concrete. The kit includes 1 handle and 2 bars removable 75 cm or 1.5 m.

    94,00 € tax incl.
  • Malaxeur 850 w
    62,29 €tax incl. 88,99 € -30%

    88,99 € 62,29 € tax incl.
    Reduced price!
  • Règle à tirer 1200 mm
    38,72 €tax incl.

    Cross-section profile includes strengthening spine for rigidity. 2 wooden handles can be adjusted as required and are fitted with callus prevention stops.

    38,72 € tax incl.
  • Malaxeur
    148,32 €tax incl.

    Mixer for intensive use with variable speed. Useful for mixing waxed concrete, smooth concrete, mortars, sealing products, levelling coats, etc.

    148,32 € tax incl.
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  • Genouillères à coussinets de gel
    27,62 €tax incl.

    Neoprene knee pads with gel inserts and adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Hard plastic caps protect padding.

    27,62 € tax incl.
  • Cable reel 25 m
    48,00 €tax incl.

    Cable Reel 240V Overload protection with reset button. Easy wind handle.

    48,00 € tax incl.
  • Rateau à béton 50 cm
    7,98 €tax incl.

    This spreader is used to facilitate the placement of concrete. Fits the telescopic handle of 3 m or a broom handle. Extremely robust.

    7,98 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro étendeur à béton
    21,46 €tax incl.

    The concrete spreader is an essential tool for placing concrete faster and more easily.

    21,46 € tax incl.
  • Truelle carrée
    6,72 €tax incl.

    Bucket Trowel Soft-Grip Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade. Comfortable, soft-grip handle for prolonged use. Taper-ground from heel to toe for flexibility. Finger guard, thumb support and high lift for good knuckle clearance. Specifically shaped for removing cement from buckets.

    6,72 € tax incl.
  • Big bag 1 tonne
    25,35 €tax incl.

    High strength polypropylene fabric with tensile strength of base >1372N/50mm and webbing >12258N/40mm. Safe working load 1000kg with safety factor 6:1. Sift-proof seams and heavy duty stay-open corner loops, stitched to surround bag completely. Easy to stack

    25,35 € tax incl.
  • 10 sacs à gravats série lourde
    10,02 €tax incl.

    Tough 70gsm woven material reusable rubble sacks. Puncture resistant. For use with bricks, sand and gravel.

    10,02 € tax incl.
  • Seau de 30 L
    11,88 €tax incl.

    Bucket to mix and to easily transport the mortar or scratch coat. Its handles facilitate the transport, and its shape will allow you to control it and regulate the payment on the ground.

    11,88 € tax incl.
  • Seau de 40 L
    14,40 €tax incl.

    Our 40 L bucket is perfect for mixing our smooth concrete. The shape and handles of our 40 L bucket enables you to easily carry and pour Harmony Béton smooth concrete.

    14,40 € tax incl.
  • Marteau piqueur électrique 1 500 W
    339,78 €tax incl.

    Medium-sized demolition hammer with 1900bpm impact rate and an impressive impact energy of 45 Joule. For masonry and asphalt. 360° rotational handle with vibration-reducing ridged rubber grip. Standard 30mm (1-1/8") steels are secured by sprung pin. Supplied with high-impact blow-moulded case with tow wheels and multi-locking points.

    339,78 € tax incl.
  • DIY 2kW Workshop Electric Fan Heater
    119,48 €tax incl.

    Mains-powered portable heater producing up to 2kW of heating power over two heating modes and a fan mode.

    119,48 € tax incl.
  • Rubalise
    18,43 €tax incl.

    Barrier safety tape that can be used to mark out hazards as necessary.

    18,43 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Tamis
    20,51 €tax incl.

    The sieve enables you to screen your mixture to eliminate lumps after having mixed Harmony Béton smooth concrete, before applying it to your surface.

    20,51 € tax incl.
  • Fer à joint demi lune
    6,46 €tax incl.

    Half moon joint iron Ideal after the realization of the joints for the horizontal or vertical printed concrete.

    6,46 € tax incl.
  • Permapro Finishing trowel
    18,91 €tax incl.
  • Lisseuse flamande 1er prix
    14,57 €tax incl.

    Entry-level Flemish-style float: quenched carbon steel blade with polished wood handle. Comfortable large-diameter handle.

    14,57 € tax incl.
  • Kit balai de marquage
    84,00 €tax incl.

    This kit contains the broom, as well as the sleeves to make a concrete swept. Broom 90 cm, and hairs in the nylon fiber of 8 cm. Designed to bring a finish anti-slip or aspects sandy soils in concrete. Stick alu 1.5 m telescopic.

    84,00 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    315,67 €tax incl.

    This spray allows the application of form oils, water repellents for facades, products for wood treatment, paint strippers-borne and c...

    315,67 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    110,62 €tax incl.

    The LASER line provides products with the best quality/price ratio of the market industry. Application of désactivants and diluted acids. Compatibility table supplied with the device.

    110,62 € tax incl.
  • Pulvé
    129,04 €tax incl.

    Application of form oils, water repellents surface treatment products wood and carpentry, stripper-borne, products, rodent control products, pest control, dégroudronnants, anti-foam neutral basis.

    129,04 € tax incl.
  • Iron walking grooves in stainless steel
    33,36 €tax incl.

    Allows you to perform a stair nosing, anti-slip, creating grooves. 4 streaks Size : 15.24 x 12.70 cm Spacing of streaks : 2 cm

    33,36 € tax incl.
  • Flat iron-and-groove stainless steel
    36,49 €tax incl.

    Ideal for treads anti skid with 6 ribs. Handle Durasoft Dimension : 15.2 x 15.2 cm

    36,49 € tax incl.
  • Telescopic pole steel
    24,14 €tax incl.

    Telescopic pole steel that is both lightweight and robust. Can be blocked to the desired length by the action of the twist/lock. With a universal fitting to screw in to the broom marking.

    24,14 € tax incl.
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