Tools of the mason and of the chapiste

Here you can find some tools or consumables that are essential in the work of masonry : The cord in passing through the buckets to mix or bars to débuller.

Cordeau de maçon 100 m -60%

Brick Line

Strong high visibility nylon line on spinning reel for easy winding and unwinding. Colours vary.
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  • -60%

Gel Knee Pads

Neoprene knee pads with gel inserts and adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Hard...
Price €30.17 tax incl.
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Trowel Soft-Grip

Bucket Trowel Soft-Grip Hardened and tempered carbon steel blade. Comfortable, soft-grip...
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Seau de 30 L -50%

25 L Bucket

Bucket to mix and to easily transport the mortar or scratch coat. Its handles facilitate...
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40 L bucket

Our 40 L bucket is perfect for mixing our smooth concrete. The shape and handles of our 40 L...
Price €22.80 tax incl.
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The sieve enables you to screen your mixture to eliminate lumps after having mixed Harmony Béton...
Price €23.72 tax incl.
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Fer à joint demi lune -60%

Half moon joint iron

Half moon joint iron Ideal after the realization of the joints for the horizontal or vertical...
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  • -60%

Marking broom kit

This kit contains the broom, as well as the sleeves to make a concrete swept. Broom 90 cm, and...
Price €134.52 tax incl.
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2 L measuring jug

This 2 L measuring jug is an essential tool for perfectly measuring a quantity of water for...
Price €11.63 tax incl.
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