Patching rake

To apply the scratch coat to the desired thickness. Adjustable from 0 to 55 mm. Long. 70 cm....
Price €41.60 tax incl.
36 avis

Patina glove

The patina glove enables you to apply patina to the surface and give it decorative effects.
Price €13.64 tax incl.
5 avis

Tray & roller

I ncludes 1 tray and 1 medium pile sleeve to apply primer and 1 foam sleeve for varnish.
Price €7.23 tax incl.
3 avis

Roller tray 32 cm

Extremely resistant polypropylene paint tray suitable for all types of water and oil-based...
Price €6.06 tax incl.
5 avis


The sieve enables you to screen your mixture to eliminate lumps after having mixed Harmony Béton...
Price €23.72 tax incl.
6 avis

S tool

The S tool lets you do jointing at the joins between imprint moulds. It is composed of shapes of...
Price €37.79 tax incl.
1 avis
Cordeau de maçon 100 m -60%

Brick Line

Strong high visibility nylon line on spinning reel for easy winding and unwinding. Colours vary.
Regular price €4.51 Price €1.80 tax incl.
2 avis
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  • -60%

Peripheral strip

Peripheral strip creates a division between your floor and walls, so as to prevent cracking at...
Price €26.21 tax incl.
3 avis

Nail shoes

The nail shoes allow you to work without leaving any trace when applying an epoxy resin or...
Price €32.40 tax incl.
18 avis

Tiling boots

Tiling boots or clogs enable you to walk on moulds without leaving marks.
Price €35.00 tax incl.
3 avis

Gel Knee Pads

Neoprene knee pads with gel inserts and adjustable elastic straps for a comfortable fit. Hard...
Price €30.17 tax incl.
5 avis

Marking broom kit

This kit contains the broom, as well as the sleeves to make a concrete swept. Broom 90 cm, and...
Price €134.52 tax incl.
9 avis

Aluminum handle

Round aluminum brush finish. 3 tubes of 50 cm, screw them for reference CC166-01.
Price €39.50 tax incl.
1 avis

Sea sponge

Sea sponge 100% natural 1st choice. Particularly recommended for the realization of patinas...
Price €33.52 tax incl.
1 avis

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