Curing Agents 

Curing Agents

Harmony Cure Béton is a concrete additive that allows you to make a quality and sustainable concrete. It is applied by spraying surface, at the beginning of drying, and will create a waterproof film to limit loss of too much water from the fact that weather conditions such as rain, wind, the Sun or humidity varies. The application of Harmony Cure Béton will prevent too rapid drying and loss of volume of the concrete, and this, for several days, thus avoiding its cracking. The cure is an important and necessary step in the implementation of an external concrete. Neglected, you may have to deal with costly retrofits at a reduced durability, or even completely redo your concrete ... it shows the importance to be given to proper drying! Feel free to contact our technical service for any questions concerning the curing of concrete. Our team is at your disposal to all advice you of implementation of your concrete, whether outdoor or indoor work.

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    58,51 €tax incl.

    Harmony Cure concrete is a milky white liquid composed of synthetic resin and reactive components fluosilicatés. Harmony Cure concrete promotes the hydration and cure homogeneous in the concrete and the wear layer is embedded. It is a water-based product. For a product to cure solvent-based, use Cure SL

    58,51 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Cure SL Quick view
    13,92 €tax incl.

    Harmony Cure SL is a resin of aromatic solvents, colourless, specially designed to avoid evaporation is too rapid, the water content in the concrete and thus allow uniform drying.

    13,92 € tax incl.
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