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Plasticizer-Plasticizer is a plasticizer chloride free, reducing water and coach air for cements, mortars and concretes. It allows to obtain mixtures that are more flexible, more malleable and more members.

Easy to use : 1 dose for 1 sack of cement of 35 kg.

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Harmony Liquefying Agent is a synthetic product without chloride which improves the workability of concrete while reducing the risk of hairline cracks.

The composition of the Liquefying Agent requires less water during mixing. As a result, a flexible, formable and adherent mixture can be produced.


Type: Liquefying Agent

Colours: transparent liquid

Packaging: 40 g

Density: 1,01 ± 0,01

pH: 7

Dosage: 1 dose of 40 g for 35 kg of cement

Storage: 12 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Compliant with standard: NF EN 934.2


Harmony Liquefying Agent must always be present in the mixed water. (Reduce the mixing water by 15% compared to the usual dosage and replace by 15% of Liquefying Agent).

For example: 120 ml for 100 kg of cement.

Soak the sand, cement or gravel for 3 to 5 minutes in the Liquefying Agent before mixing.



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Consumption 1 dose / 35 kg bag of cement
Cleaning Water
Conservation 6 months in its original packaging, unopened and stored in a dry and frost-free
Warranty RC manufacturer

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