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Our comprehensive Harmony Béton acid stain kit includes all the products you need for permanently colouring a concrete slab. The kit includes surface preparation agent, colouring acid, neutraliser, and wet-look glaze. Harmony Béton acid stain remains stable over time and withstands light and sunlight for years.


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Preparatory Agent


Harmony Preparatory Agent is used to prepare surfaces for the application of Harmony Acid Stain by opening up the pores in the base material.

It can also be used as a detergent to clean all concrete surfaces.

Caution: When smoothing P3 or P4, or in the case of a weak / absent porosity of the support, this product can not improve absorbency.


Type: Detergent

Packaging: 1 l, 5 l, 20 l

Dosage: 1 litre = 10 m2, undiluted and depending upon surface porosity

Storage: 12 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Tools & Cleaning

Viton seal sprayer, mask, gloves and protective goggles.

Clean tools in water after use.


Before starting, ensure that no protective product such as pore sealant, lacquer or curing agent has been applied which might prevent the penetration of water.

To do this, apply a small quantity of water to the surface to be coloured at a number of points.

If the water is absorbed rapidly, the surface is porous.

Conversely, if the water forms into droplets, your surface is not porous, and there is a product present which is preventing the penetration of water.

At this stage of the process, it is essential to identify what type of product has been applied.

If the surface is protected by acrylic lacquers or a concrete wax finish, we would recommend the use of a lacquer stripper, or grinding of the surface concerned.


Application must be completed within a temperature range of 10°C - 25°C.

1. Harmony Preparatory Agent should be applied without dilution.

Coverage: 1 litre/10 m2, depending upon surface porosity.

2. Spray Harmony Preparatory Agent in a highly-controlled directional jet, in order to prevent any inhalation of the mist generated by vaporisation.

3. Leave the product to work for a few minutes, then wash with Harmony neutral cleaning agent.

4. Rinse with water and leave to dry for 24 hours.

Acid Stain Dye


Harmony Acid Stain Dye is a range of concentrated acid colorants for concrete, which react with the concrete by in- depth penetration to produce rich and vibrant colours which are reminiscent of natural mineral shades.

This product remains stable over time, providing many years of resistance to sunlight, and can be applied to any clean and dry Portland cement base surface (concrete, screed, levelling compound, etc.).


Type: Acid-based concrete colorants

Colours: 6

Odeur: sharp

pH: 0.5-1

Packaging: 1 l, 5 l, 20 l

Dosage: 1 litre = 8 / 10 m2 undiluted and subject to surface porosity.

Storage: 12 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Tools & Cleaning

Viton seal sprayer, mask, gloves and goggles, tarpaulin, long-handled scrubbing brush.

Clean tools in water after use.

Prepare the support

Concretes and screeds must be at least 14 days old.

Before starting, make sure that no protective agents such as varnishes or hardeners prevent the ingress of water. To find out apply a small amount of water on to the surface. If absorbed quickly, the surface is porous and can be stained with dye acid; when the water bubbles, the surface is not porous and something prevents water from entering.

At this stage of the process it is important to know what kind of product has been used. If the surface is protected by acrylic or concrete wax, we recommend the use of our paint remover or cleaning agent.

Prepare the surface using Harmony Preparatory agent.

Application Harmony Preparatory Agent

Application must be completed within a temperature range of 10 ° - 25 °.

Dosage: 1 l / 10 m2.

1. Use Harmony Preparatory agent undiluted.

2. It is essential that a protective mask and gloves should be worn during application.

3. The acid colorant cannot be walked on after application, unless studded boots are worn. It is recommended that protective overshoes should be worn, in order to avoid leaving any tread marks.

4. Allow the product to work for a few minutes, then rinse with a pH neutral cleaner or Harmony Neutral Cleaner.

5. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours or more, depending on the weather conditions, before applying Acid Stain.

Application Harmony Acid Stain Dye

After preparing the surface using Harmony Preparatory agent, protect all surfaces which are not to be coloured using a tarpaulin.

1st coat

Hold the PermaPro sprayer 30-60 cm above the concrete surface to be coloured. Lightly spray 1m2 of surface area with Harmony Acid Stain, using a Viton seal sprayer, then brush the surface using a long-handled broom or nylon brush to ensure that the acid penetrates the surface. Allow to dry for 2 - 4 hours. There is no need to rinse the concrete floor after the application of the first coat before applying the second coat. However, you may wish to rinse a small concealed section, in order to check that you are satisfied with the colour.

2nd coat

Once dry, spray the surface a second time, avoiding the formation of pools. Apply in the same way as the 1st coat BUT in the opposite direction. If you have worked from north to south, you will need to work from east to west for the 2nd application. Bubbles may appear during application, indicating that the acid is reacting. Wait for 2 - 4 hours after the 2nd application before commencing the neutralisation process.


When Acid Stain is completely dry, remove all residue with a mop.

Then spray the surface with the Harmony Neutraliser.

Brush the surface with a broom and let the neutraliser work for 5 minutes.

Then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

If necessary, repeat the process several times until the desired result is achieved.


Let it dry for 72 hours.

Apply a varnish to enhance the colours and effects. Use our Wet-Varnish or SL Permapro.

For more information see data sheet Harmony Varnish.



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Type of room Path-path to
Tower pool
Support current Anhydrite screed
Chape fluide ciment
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Quartz concrete
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Consumption 1L to 10m2
Cleaning Water
Conservation 6 months in its original packaging, unopened and stored in a dry and frost-free
12 months in its unopened packaging and stored in a dry, frost-free place
Warranty RC manufacturer
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