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Harmony Béton Colored hardener mix is a powder which is comprised of a hardener, a mixture of graded silica sands, cement, admixtures and pigments, used for the production of embossed concrete or imprinted concrete using moulds. Harmony Béton Embossing mix increases the resistance of concrete to abrasion and impacts.

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Type : Coloured hardener.

Colours : 15.

Particle size : 0/2 mm.

Packaging : 25 kg bag.

Compliant with standard NF EN 13813.

Compression strength : 70.35 MPa

Bending strength : 10.15 MPa

Coverage : 5 - 8 kg/m2.

Storage : 6 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee : Manufacturer’s liability.


Tools and cleaning


Concrete mixer, steel and magnesium smoother, rammer, roller, edging trowel, set of moulds, protective gloves.


Clean tools in water after use.


Application of Harmony Béton Color hardener


Harmony Béton Color hardener must be applied to fresh concrete only. Do not apply at temperatures below 5°or exceeding 25°.


The thickness and dosing of concrete must be compliant with D.T.U. unified technical documents.


1. After smoothing fresh concrete with a magnesium smoother, scatter Harmony Béton Color hardener at a ratio of 2 kg/m2.

Wait until the powder is fully hydrated.


2. Float the surface using the PermaPro magnesium smoother. Use the edging trowel to relieve formwork edges.


3. Repeat scattering of powder at a ratio of 2 kg/m2 and smooth to a finish using the PermaPro iron smoother. The concrete surface must show a uniform colour.


The concrete is ready to be embossed when, in response to thumb pressure, it is not depressed by more than a few millimetres and does not adhere to the thumb.


4. Apply Harmony coloured mould release agent using the PermaPro brush, wearing a mask, and applying a fine and regular coating to the concrete surface. See data sheet for mould release agent.


Depending on the size of the project to be complete, a set of 3 rigid moulds and 1 flexible mould will be required.


The larger the project, the higher the recommended number of moulds, in order to allow the rapid embossing of concrete.


5. Position the moulds and commence embossing operations.

To eliminate any flash between the moulds, use the PermaPro roller.


6. 24 - 48 hours later, sweep the surface to remove as much of the mould release agent as possible. Complete the removal of the mould release agent using a pressure washer.


Protect the surface using Harmony Béton Premium lacquer.

See data sheet for lacquer.

Features :

Projet new or renovationNine
Particle size0 to 2 mm
Horizontal or vertical surfaceHorizontal
CompliantNF EN 13813
Compression70 Npa
Bending10 Npa
TypeHardener colorful
Consumption5 to 8 kg/m2, depending on the color
Packaging25 kg
Conservation6 months in its original packaging, unopened and stored in a dry and frost-free
WarrantyRC manufacturer

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