Harmony Latex

Harmony Latex is an aqueous dispersion of a synthetic resin, which is specially designed for the...
Price €42.77 tax incl.
2 avis

Cementwork sponge

The cementwork sponge is essential for eliminating defects and undulations during the initial...
Price €4.03 tax incl.
15 avis

Magnesium float

The PermaPro magnesium float is a round-ended float. Enables you to open the porosity of the...
Price €57.11 tax incl.
2 avis

Steel float

The PermaPro steel float is a tool that enables the porosity of the concrete to be closed after...
Price €66.10 tax incl.
5 avis

15 x 7 cm edger

The PermaPro edger enables you to round the salient corners of concretes and shutterings....
Price €25.87 tax incl.
8 avis

Patina glove

The patina glove enables you to apply patina to the surface and give it decorative effects.
Price €13.64 tax incl.
5 avis
Tools Kit béton lissé -10%

Smooth concrete toolkit

Our smooth concrete toolkit contains all the tools you will need for producing smooth concrete.
Regular price €206.05 Price €185.45 tax incl.
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