ISY Kit XXL waxed concrete on ready-to-use tiles 

Need to cover a large tiled area with waxed concrete? Find our XXL kits for 50 or 100 m2 tiled surfaces.

  • Kit ISY Béton ciré Finition Premium XXL sur carrelage Quick view
    1 503,51 €tax incl.

    The ISY Waxed Concrete XXL Premium finish on tiles kit contains all the products for the realization on a tiled surface of 50 or 100 m2 on the wall as on the ground.Stain resistant thanks to its Premium finish, the ISY waxed concrete on tiling kit can be used in certain rooms of the house subject to light traffic such as bedrooms, corridors, stairs etc...

    1 503,51 € tax incl.
  • Kit ISY polished Concrete Finish Optimum XXL on tiling Quick view
    1 626,95 €tax incl.

    The kit ISY polished Concrete XXL finish Optimum tiling contains all products for the realization of a surface area of 50 or 100 m2 on a tile wall or floor. The finish Optimum included in the kit enables its implementation, and its application in all parts of the house including outdoor: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, terrace etc... it either...

    1 626,95 € tax incl.
  • ISY color card Quick view
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    Are you unsure of a color? Order up to .... of our color cards and have no doubts about your choice of color.The color card is the size of ......

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