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Deactivated Concrete is a turning off of the surface to highlight the aggregates contained in the concrete by removing the surface layer of the concrete. It allows you to perform a concrete aspect gravelled and slip-resistant for your outside.



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Harmony Deactivator is an aqueous surface deactivation agent, which poses no hazard to users and is harmless to the environment.

It can be used to delay the hydration of cement in an unshuttered concrete surface to a depth of 2mm for granulates of size 5 - 8 mm.

The final cleaning of concretes treated by this method will then allow the granulates to show through.


Type: surface deactivation agent


  • red for granulates of size 0/2 mm.
  • blue for granulates of size 2/4 mm.
  • orange for granulates of size 4/ 6-8 mm.

Packaging: 5 l / 20 l

Dosage: 1 l for 4 - 5m2

Storage: 12 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Tools & Cleaning

Sprayer, protective goggles and gloves.

Clean tools in water after user.

Prepare the support

To achieve good results, it is important that concrete should be of uniform consistency.

Thoroughly moisten the bottom of the mold to avoid cracks.

Always respect the dosage information.

For a homogeneous result, add Harmony Liquefying agent.

Carefully smooth the surface of the concrete without tipping too much.

The surface should always be flat, no holes and no waves.


After pouring and smoothing the concrete, wait for any bleed water to disappear

(approximately 30 minutes after pouring).

Before use, Harmony Deactivator should be homogenized by shaking.

Apply Harmony Deactivator in a uniform manner, using a spray system (nozzle with 0.79 mm opening, pressure of 2/4 bar).

Washing of concrete:

Concrete will be washed with water at a pressure of 100 bar.

The operator must take care to maintain a distance of 20 - 40 cm between the nozzle and the concrete surface.

The water jet must be applied at an angle of 45° to the concrete surface to be deactivated.

Time window for washing:

4 – 24 hours after application.

In conditions of severe exposure to wind and sunlight, washing should be completed between 4 and 12 hours if the temperature is lower than 35°C, and between 4 and 8 hours, if the temperature is higher than 35°C.



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Type of room Path-path to
Tower pool
Support current Dalle béton
Capacity 5 L
Consumption 1 L pour 4m²
Cleaning Water
Compliant NF EN 13813
Conservation 12 months in its unopened packaging and stored in a dry, frost-free place
Project Ground
Destination (extérieur) Chemin - Parking
Tour de piscine
Projet (extérieur) Sol
Support (extérieur) Chape fluide ciment
Dalle béton
Surface (extérieur) Supérieur à 10m²

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