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Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an aliphatic polyurethane base in the aqueous phase and with high resistance to water abrasion, which is designed for the protection of interior floors or walls.

It provides excellent surface protection for coverings which are subject to intense wear or exposed to water spray (in showers or bathrooms).



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Harmony Optimum Lacquer is a hard two-component water-based aliphatic polyurethane resin.

The product is characterised by a strong resistance to abrasion and excellent surface protection for floors, or walls (indoors) that are subjected to intensive use, or water splashes.

Also good for bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets.


Type: Water-based aliphatic polyurethane resin

Colour: White/transparent

Finish: glossy, satin finish, matt.

Dosage: 1 kg = 6 - 7 m2 in two coats.

Art.-Nr. 4000 = glossy, Art.-Nr. 4100 matt, Art.-Nr. 4200 satin finish. The weight may vary slightly depending on the finish chosen.

Storage: 12 months in unopened original packaging, stored in a dry and frost-free location.

Guarantee: Manufacturer’s liability

Tools & Cleaning

Lacquer roller, protective gloves, paint tray, tarpaulin, weigh-scale, mixer.

Clean tools in water after use.


Usually the substrate is prepared with Harmony pore filler.

Wait 4 hours before applying Harmony Optimum Lacquer.


Application temperature: Minimum 5°C; Maximum 25°C.

Attention: if the temperature is too high, or air is humid/damp (example: new house unheated), the paint can not dry out, or change its appearance (become more shiny).

To facilitate the installation, you can add up to 10% of warm water when applying the first coat. In this case, stir the water well, otherwise there will be differences in gloss.

1st layer:

Components A and B are weighed separately.

Also, thoroughly mix component A before adding component B.

For a kit of 4 kg with a glossy finish, half of Component A = 3.12 kg or 1.56 kg and half of component B = 880 g or 440 g
For a kit of 4 kg mat or satin finish, half of Component A = 3.36 kg, i.e. 1.68 kg and half of component B = 640 gr or 320 gr

For a kit of 2 kg with a glossy finish, half of Component A = 1.56 kg or 780 g and half of component B = 440 g or 220 g
For a 2 kg kit with mat or satin finish, half of Component A = 1.68 kg, i.e. 840 g and half of component B = 320 gr or 160 gr

For a kit of 1 kg with a glossy finish, half of Component A = 780 kg or 390 g and half of component B = 220 g or 110 g
For a kit of 1 kg mat or satin finish, half of Component A = 840 gr or 420 gr and half of component B = 160 gr or 80 gr


Apply Harmony Optimum Lacquer with a roller in cross passes.

Attention: do not apply too thick.

Lacquer is usable 45 min after mixing.

2nd layer:

Once the first coat is touch-dry apply the second coat

Drying time: depending on temperature and humidity between 5 and 10 hours.

The remaining A and B components are mixed again after homogenizing component A with a mechanical mixer.

Wait at least 12 hours after applying the second coat before proceeding.

For a silky surface, sand the paint with a 600 grit sandpaper.

Wait at least 48 to 72 hours before placing furniture on the floor.



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Type of room Bathroom
Dining room
Support current Anhydrite screed
Chape fluide ciment
Dalle béton
Support to create
To renovate
Consumption 1 kg for 6 m² in 2 layers
Cleaning Water
Conservation 6 months in its original packaging, unopened and stored in a dry and frost-free
12 months in its unopened packaging and stored in a dry, frost-free place
Warranty RC manufacturer
Project Cheminée
Destination (intérieur) Chambre - Bureau
Cuisine - Cellier
Salle de bains
Salle à manger
Projet (intérieur) Cheminée
Plan vasque ou de travail
Protection du béton
Support (intérieur) A rénover
Chape anhydrite
Chape fluide ciment
Dalle béton
Support à créer

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