Kits béton ciré extérieur 

Kits béton ciré extérieur
  • Kit ISY Béton ciré Finition Optimum XXL Quick view
    269,94 €tax incl.

    The ISY Waxed Concrete XXL Optimum finish kit contains all the products for the creation of a surface of 50 or 100 m2 on a concrete slab, a leveling compound, a fluid or anhydrite screed.The Optimum finish included in the kit allows its implementation and application in all rooms of the house including the exterior: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining...

    269,94 € tax incl.
  • Kit ISY Béton ciré pour piscine ou Hammam Quick view
    676,52 €tax incl.

    You want to make a waxed concrete in a hammam, a swimming pool or in a basin.This ISY waxed concrete kit is composed of all the necessary products:The waterproof bedL'ISY Waxed concreteThe two-component epoxy varnish special wet environment

    676,52 € tax incl.
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