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  • Optimum Lacquer Quick view
    73,67 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton Optimum Lacquer is a hard-wearing and flexible two-component resin with an aliphatic polyurethane base in the aqueous phase and with high resistance to water abrasion, which is designed for the protection of interior floors or walls. It provides excellent surface protection for coverings which are subject to intense wear or exposed to water...

    73,67 € tax incl.
  • Stamped Beton 0/3 Quick view
    21,71 €tax incl.

    Harmony Stamped Beton 0/3 is a surface hardener for imprinted concrete or patterned concrete with a granularity of 0 to 3 mm. Thanks to a vast choice of coloured quartz and very competitive pricing, youll have great freedom of design for easy and durable integration into your work site.

    21,71 € tax incl.
  • Varnish concrete Premium Quick view
    41,30 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton Premium Concrete sealer is a water-based lacquer for the protection of interior or exterior floors. Harmony Béton Premium Concrete sealer is recommended for normal traffic, both indoors and outdoors.

    41,30 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Béton ciré Quick view
    66,30 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton Waxed Concrete is a fine two-component mortar formulated from white or grey cement, selected aggregates and resins, which has been specially formulated to ensure a high degree of tensile strength and perfect adhesion. It can be applied in a thin layer of approximately 2 - 3 mm, thereby allowing the retention of existing coverings and...

    66,30 € tax incl.
  • Pore Sealant Quick view
    30,30 €tax incl.

    Harmony Pore Sealant is a water-based primer/pore sealant which is recommended for use prior to the application of Harmony Optimum Lacquer.

    30,30 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Micro screed Quick view
    32,11 €tax incl.

    Harmony Microchape is a hardener, specially designed to be used in low thickness in order to make a concrete footprint on an existing surface (concrete, tiles). Unlike a hardener classic that uses dry, our micro clevis for use in grout. There are 9 colours and associates with a release colored powder or liquid.

    32,11 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Harmony Smooth Concrete Quick view
    124,79 €tax incl.

    Harmony Smooth Concrete is a self-levelling compound made up of cement, selected aggregates, resin and super-plasticizing agents. It can be used for the rapid finishing of large surface areas, or where only limited shading effects are required. It can be applied from a minimum thickness of 4 mm up to a maximum thickness of 27 mm. It produces a smooth and...

    124,79 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau vernis sur manche 40 cm Quick view
    19,01 €tax incl.

    Roll special varnish for concrete - Ideal for applying varnish on large surfaces on the ground. Exists in 3 sizes (40, 50 and 60 cm).

    19,01 € tax incl.
  • Achroquartz Quick view
    19,46 €tax incl.

    Prosoldur (Achroquartz) hardener lets you colour the surface of your fresh concrete. The smooth mineral appearance of Prosoldur will give your interior a very loft-like look.

    19,46 € tax incl.
  • Liquid Pigment Quick view
    2,48 €tax incl.

    Our dyes liquid dyes to be universal and ultra concentrated. They are VOC-free, without PAEO, without glycol, and smell. Do not exceed a dosage of 5 to 6% of the weight of the product.

    2,48 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Harmony Coloured release agent Quick view
    37,75 €tax incl.

    Harmony coloured mould release agent is a ready-to-use, water-repellent and non-adherent product. Harmony coloured mould release agent is used during the production of embossed concrete to prevent the adhesion of moulds to the fresh concrete, and to create an ageing effect in the resulting imprints.

    37,75 € tax incl.
  • Fibres polypropylènes Quick view
    10,32 €tax incl.

    Using polypropylene fibres enables you to reinforce concrete and reduce the risk of cracking and crazing. We recommend you to use Harmony Béton water-reducing agent to modify the workability and plasticity of the concrete.

    10,32 € tax incl.
  • Râteau à ragréage Quick view
    37,80 €tax incl.

    To apply the scratch coat to the desired thickness. Adjustable from 0 to 55 mm. Long. 70 cm. Delivered without handle.

    37,80 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Wax Quick view
    31,15 €tax incl.

    Harmony Wax is an acrylic wax for all types of floors. Harmony Wax is not affected by yellowing, and provides a brilliant finish without buffing.

    31,15 € tax incl.
  • kit béton ciré - stairway Quick view
    92,06 €tax incl.

    A stairway is just as important as an attractive room, and often forms part of the decor. Our complete waxed concrete stairway kit can help you bring some style to this major and overlooked feature of the house. Our range of 30 pastel shades will bring out the designer in you. The kit comprises the following: bonding primer, waxed concrete and premium...

    92,06 € tax incl.
  • Échantillon Béton Ciré Quick view
    5,24 €tax incl.

    Beton cire Sample of 15 x 10 cm with Premium satin varnish on.

    5,24 € tax incl.
  • KIT, polished Concrete shower Quick view
    158,90 €tax incl.

    Want to upgrade your shower ? We offer you a kit of polished concrete specially for the showers. To improve the seal, you can use our sub-layer Etanch' on the whole substrate, or the special kit angle.

    158,90 € tax incl.
  • Enviro Vernis coloré Quick view
    22,69 €tax incl.

    Harmony Enviro varnish® colorful is a product of impregnation, water-based acrylic resins in aqueous phase, coloured by pigments, liquids of high density. Harmony Enviro varnish® protects, beautifies and renovates all concrete surfaces printed on the outside. It does not create a film. Translucent upon drying. The dyes are treated anti-UV.

    22,69 € tax incl.
  • Wet-look glaze Quick view
    51,43 €tax incl.

    Our wet-look glaze is a polyurethane glaze that protects and enhances the colours of the medium. Two layers of the glaze gives the medium a wet look. Even one single coat still protects your concrete.

    51,43 € tax incl.
  • kit béton ciré – floor Quick view
    94,14 €tax incl.

    The waxed concrete floor kit contains all the products necessary for producing a waxed concrete surface. You will be able to produce a 2, 5 or 10 m² surface. On tiling, it is recommended to use the waxed concrete floor kit for tiling.

    94,14 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Manche alu Quick view
    40,47 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro aluminium handle is designed to be clipped onto the PermaPro large-size magnesium float or the PermaPro large-size stainless steel float.

    40,47 € tax incl.
  • Vernis SL Permapro Quick view
    27,28 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton PermaPro SL glaze is a methacrylate resin-based glaze that durably protects your concretes externally and heightens the colour. It will give your concretes a satin finish. Ideal for protecting your concrete terraces and driveways!

    27,28 € tax incl.
  • Enviro vernis Quick view
    12,30 €tax incl.
  • Seau Plastique vide Quick view
    2,48 €tax incl.

    Plastic buckets of 5, 11 or 20 L capacity for preparing and mixing, for example, waxed concrete, cement-glue or spray.

    2,48 € tax incl.
  • ISY color card Quick view
    0,00 €tax incl.

    Are you unsure of a color? Order up to .... of our color cards and have no doubts about your choice of color.The color card is the size of ......

    0,00 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Wash & Wax Quick view
    20,30 €tax incl.

    Harmony Wash & Wax is a polymer-based emulsion containing waxes and surfactants, which delivers in-depth cleaning and leaves a high-gloss protective film.

    20,30 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • PermaPro Eponge de cimentier Quick view
    4,03 €tax incl.

    The cementwork sponge is essential for eliminating defects and undulations during the initial application of Harmony Béton waxed concrete.

    4,03 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Patina Quick view
    34,00 €tax incl.

    Harmony Patina is a unique range of aqueous polymer-based patina colorants, which are designed for the patination of new or old floors or walls. Harmony Patina can be applied to any horizontal or vertical porous surface, and works by surface penetration.

    34,00 € tax incl.
  • Nail shoes TP Deko Quick view
    28,33 €tax incl.

    The nail shoes allow you to work without leaving any trace when applying an epoxy resin or smoothed Harmony Concrete.

    28,33 € tax incl.
  • Kit béton ciré : Kitchen / Work surface Quick view
    156,50 €tax incl.

    Want to revamp your kitchen? Keen to get rid of the joints in your tiling? We have designed a special waxed concrete kit for your work surfaces/cabinets. This kit makes it easy to create or renovate the finishes to your work surfaces and cabinets. With 30 timeless colours to choose from, you can bring an essential designer touch to your kitchen.

    156,50 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau Débulleur époxy sur manche Quick view
    18,60 €tax incl.

    Deburrer roll 300 mm on handle to eliminate air bubbles resulting from mixing with the mixer. To spread the smoothing plaster, self-leveling screed and self-leveling screeds during application. Adaptable wooden handle, aluminum or plastic. Spike length: 1 or 3 cm. Delivered without handle.

    18,60 € tax incl.
  • Swatches color polished concrete Quick view
    42,19 €tax incl.

    This color chart polished concrete of 30 colors so you can make you account the color with precision. It is made from the actual application ofHarmony waxed Concrete. Delivery is free in France. The swatches can be repaid in the form of you if it is returned intact.

    42,19 € tax incl.
  • Deactivated Concrete Quick view
    48,96 €tax incl.

    Deactivated Concrete is a turning off of the surface to highlight the aggregates contained in the concrete by removing the surface layer of the concrete. It allows you to perform a concrete aspect gravelled and slip-resistant for your outside.

    48,96 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Echantillon béton ciré Quick view
    37,53 €tax incl.

    You want to test our products? Harmony Béton sells samples allowing you to produce a small 1 m² surface. The kit includes all the processes for testing our waxed concrete except for protective glaze.

    37,53 € tax incl.
  • Kit tools special scratch coat Quick view
    85,05 €tax incl.

    This kit includes the essential tools for the realization of a scratch coat : the roller for the application of the primary The rake for scratch coat and the shoes with nails for casting The roller débulleur for a perfect implementation.

    85,05 € tax incl.
  • Râteau époxy à picots Quick view
    29,24 €tax incl.

    Rake 50 cm wide.Steel frame very durable Very good resistance to solvents 500 mm wide Adapts to wooden stick or telescopic

    29,24 € tax incl.
  • Finishing trowel 45 cm Quick view
    19,20 €tax incl.

    Lisseuse iron 450 mm x 120 mm ideal for smoothing out the surface after the application of hardeners colored or smooth the concrete before and after application of the matrices.

    19,20 € tax incl.
  • icon hydro Quick view
    22,24 €tax incl.

    This varnish concrete is an emulsion of resin monocomponent lasts that protects and beautifies concrete surfaces carried out to the helicopter.

    22,24 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Tools Kit Béton ciré Quick view
    45,43 €tax incl.

    The waxed concrete toolkit contains all the tools you need for proper application of waxed concrete.

    45,43 € tax incl.
  • Plasticizer - Plasticizer Dose 40 gr Quick view
    2,23 €tax incl.

    Plasticizer-Plasticizer is a plasticizer chloride free, reducing water and coach air for cements, mortars and concretes. It allows to obtain mixtures that are more flexible, more malleable and more members. Easy to use : 1 dose for 1 sack of cement of 35 kg.

    2,23 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau primaire pour manche Quick view
    12,54 €tax incl.

    Ideal for quickly and easily passing primers or epoxy on large surfaces thanks to its width and the addition of a handle. Adaptable wooden handle, aluminum or plastic. Delivered without handle.

    12,54 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau spécial vernis 250 mm Quick view
    6,29 €tax incl.

    This 250 mm complete roll is the perfect tool for the application of finishing layers on your decorative concretes (filler, varnish and resins...) It allows an easy application without leaving the traces of roll. Compatible with the handle 3 m alu.

    6,29 € tax incl.
  • Poudre antidérapante pour vernis Quick view
    10,52 €tax incl.

    Transparent glass microbeads in powder form, for giving a non-slip finish to a glazed surface (terraces, outdoor staircases, showers, etc.). During the application of the first coat, you mix the glass powder with the glaze.

    10,52 € tax incl.
  • icon prim Quick view
    3,25 €tax incl.

    Harmony Prim is a primary adhesion of the aqueous phase to a porous support or sorbent - type screed, under-floor heating, plaster or concrete prior to the application of Harmony Waxed Concrete or Harmony Spray mortar.

    3,25 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Béton ciré special bathroom Quick view
    156,50 €tax incl.

    You want to rejuvenate your bathroom? We have a waxed concrete kit for your bathroom floor. With Harmony Béton, your bathroom will be a practical and pleasant room.

    156,50 € tax incl.
  • Primary grip Harmony Prim epoxy Quick view
    29,20 €tax incl.

    Harmony Prim epoxy is a glue, epoxy two-component, very high power eye-catching. It should be used as primer before the application ofHarmony polished Concrete orHarmony scratch coat.

    29,20 € tax incl.
  • Waxed concrete resin Quick view
    13,35 €tax incl.

    The waxed concrete resin facilitates the smoothing of your waxed concrete, or increases the fluidity of concrete during application. You are strongly advised against replacing this resin with water.

    13,35 € tax incl.
  • Manche téléscopique alu TP Deko Quick view
    36,25 €tax incl.

    Telescopic aluminum handle. Up to 3 m unfolded. The color of the handle can vary. Telescopic boom both light and robust, suitable for painter rollers and squeegees. Can be locked to the desired length by twisting / locking action. Achieves high walls, ceilings or floors. Equipped with universal screw-in connector and tapered adapter.

    36,25 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Neutral Cleaning Agent Quick view
    18,25 €tax incl.

    Harmony neutral cleaning agent is a neutral, pleasantly perfumed and non-foaming detergent. It has been developed for straightforward daily application to treated floors, using a mop, a floor-cleaning machine or a scrubber-dryer. Harmony neutral cleaning agent is recommended for the cleaning of floor coverings such as Harmony Waxed Concrete, Harmony...

    18,25 € tax incl.
  • Kit vernis optimum Quick view
    242,68 €tax incl.

    Protection Kit for surfaces of 25 to 100 m2. In order to effectively protect your concrete surfaces, apply a coat of wood filler and two coats of lacquer Optimum. Depending on your tastes, choose between a matte, satin or gloss finishes !

    242,68 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Acid Stain Quick view
    36,57 €tax incl.

    Harmony Acid Stain is a range of concentrated acid colorants for concrete, which react with the concrete by in-depth penetration to produce rich and vibrant colours which are reminiscent of natural mineral shades.

    36,57 € tax incl.
  • Powder Pigments Quick view
    11,65 €tax incl.

    Our pigments are powdered and are of natural or artificial origin. They allow you to color the concrete. Dosage: 3 to 6% by weight of gray cement, 1-4% by weight of white cement.

    11,65 € tax incl.
  • Harmony sand Quick view
    12,03 €tax incl.

    Bag of dry sand of 0.4 à 0.8 mm granularity, ideal for adding sand to the epoxy binding primer.

    12,03 € tax incl.
  • Seau de 40 L Quick view
    20,97 €tax incl.

    Our 40 L bucket is perfect for mixing our smooth concrete. The shape and handles of our 40 L bucket enables you to easily carry and pour Harmony Béton smooth concrete.

    20,97 € tax incl.
  • Echantillons vernis Quick view
    10,52 €tax incl.

    Need to test out our coverage before you purchase ? Choose the varnish you want . Bottle of 250 ml.

    10,52 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Smoothing blade Quick view
    36,26 €tax incl.

    The new and revolutionary smoother for the application of Harmony Waxed concrete. Its design allows the effortless formation of exceptionally flat surfaces.

    36,26 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Grande Lisseuse fer Quick view
    167,10 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro large-size stainless steel float is a float made of stainless steel, with a Rock-It rotary attachment. An essential tool for closing the surface of concretes and making them less porous and stronger.

    167,10 € tax incl.
  • Arrest Joint 2 mm for polished concrete. L 100 cm Quick view
    17,42 €tax incl.

    Gasket stop 100 cm long and 2 mm high. Perfect for stop for example at the threshold of a door at the completion of a polished concrete or on the edge of the staircase. Glue-down installation. Exists in a length of 145 cm.

    17,42 € tax incl.
  • Protège bac jetable Quick view
    1,26 €tax incl.

    Clear, disposable PVC inserts with even loading, cross-hatch pattern. Insert in roller trays or use separately. Eliminates the need to wash out the tray and prolongs service life. Allows quick swaps between paint types and colours.

    1,26 € tax incl.
  • Rouleau Débulleur manuel 20 cm Quick view
    11,79 €tax incl.

    Manual Deburring Roller spikes plastic special floor paint and epoxy resins with mount. It is the ideal tool for the finishing of epoxy paints for floors, or the debulking of resins, epoxies, or scratch coat. Delivered with his mount.

    11,79 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Kit Cement glue Quick view
    22,94 €tax incl.

    The kit Harmony Ciment glue is a kit composed of Universal primer and a repair mortar with base of hydraulic binder, modified by additives and resins of very high performance.The cement glue must be used as a primer to fill the seams of the tiles and reset the level to zero before the application of Harmony waxed Concrete.

    22,94 € tax incl.
  • Kit outils béton ciré avec lisseuses angle Quick view
    82,06 €tax incl.

    The kit of tools for waxed concrete, including corner smoothers, comprises all the tools required for the correct application of waxed concrete to an angular base surface, such as a stairway, or a work surface.

    82,06 € tax incl.
  • Sous couche étanch Quick view
    51,48 €tax incl.

    Our waterproof underlay is a resin-sealing non-circulatory and collectible, resin-based liquid in the aqueous phase of a green color and load granular that forms after drying an adherent membrane, flexible, waterproof and resistant to cracking. Ideal in new or in renovation for the realization of a tight seal before recovery.

    51,48 € tax incl.
  • icon prim Quick view
    4,26 €tax incl.

    Designed for media that is closed, non-absorbent or smooth. Harmony Prim Plus is a primary adhesion of the aqueous phase to support the closed, non-absorbent or smooth type :wood painting old tiles concrete helicopterUse before the application of Harmony waxed Concrete or Harmony Spray Concrete.

    4,26 € tax incl.
  • Kit béton ciré - Shower with the tightness and angles Quick view
    349,44 €tax incl.

    This kit béton ciré is designed to create your shower. It consists of all of the products necessary for the realization of a shower in waxed concrete with its water resistance and the treatment of the corners, or junctions, wall/floor.

    349,44 € tax incl.
  • Prim Granita Universal Quick view
    6,40 €tax incl.

    Universal Prim Granite is a primer universal liquid composed of synthetic resin, adhesion promoter, and specific charges (granular) allowing the grip to the mortar.It allows you to regulate the porosity of the supports and adheres to the substrates such as concrete, tile, stone, etc., that it is porous or not.

    6,40 € tax incl.
  • Spraying roller plastic spikes Quick view
    17,61 €tax incl.

    Spraying roller plastic spikes special floor for paints and epoxy resins with mount. It is the ideal tool for finishing epoxy floor paints or debulking epoxy resins or patching.

    17,61 € tax incl.
  • Waxed concrete kit for shower tiling Quick view
    166,26 €tax incl.

    Need to renovate your bathroom and especially the shower?We offer a complete kit with all the necessary products to cover your tiled shower.

    166,26 € tax incl.
  • Échantillon de Béton lissé Quick view
    5,78 €tax incl.

    You hesitate between 2 colors? We made 20 x 20 cm smooth concrete plates for you to choose your color. The plates are protected with Premium varnish.

    5,78 € tax incl.
  • General-purpose concrete Quick view
    7,21 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton has general-purpose concrete in 20 kg batches for all your needs, ready to mix for small jobs, slabs, sealing work, etc. This concrete mixture is ready to use.

    7,21 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Preparatory Agent Quick view
    22,71 €tax incl.

    Harmony Preparatory agent is used to prepare surfaces for the application of Harmony Béton Patina or Harmony Acid Stain by opening up the pores in the base material. It can also be used for the cleaning of concretes.

    22,71 € tax incl.
  • Bande fibre de verre auto adhésive Quick view
    25,92 €tax incl.

    Self-adhesive fibreglass strip for patching cracks or reinforcing corners.

    25,92 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Liquefying Agent Quick view
    10,23 €tax incl.

    Harmony Liquefying Agent is a synthetic active plasticizer which improves the workability of concrete, thereby allowing the quantity of mixing water to be reduced and enhancing its mechanical strength.

    10,23 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Levelling Compound Quick view
    42,10 €tax incl.

    Harmony Levelling Compound is a ready-to-use self-levelling hydraulic binder-based mortar, comprised of mineral fillers, modified with resin and admixtures, which can be walked upon 4 hours after application. It is designed for the levelling and equalization of floors. It provides the ideal base surface for Harmony Béton Patina or Harmony Acid Stain.

    42,10 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • ISY Béton ciré Standard Quick view
    109,03 €tax incl.

    Harmony ISY Fine Waxed Concrete is a ready-to-use, mono-component acrylic mortar. It is applied as a top coat after the application of ISY Standard Waxed Concrete. Its very fine particle size gives it a soft and silky appearance. Apply with a plastic trowel, its color is almost uniform.

    109,03 € tax incl.
  • Kit béton ciré - bathroom tiling Quick view
    166,26 €tax incl.

    You want to modernise the tiling in your bathroom? We have a waxed concrete kit for bathroom tiling. With this kit, in addition to no longer having to clean the joints between your tiling, youll add a touch of trendy and soft-to-the-touch decoration. Your bathroom will be a practical and pleasant room.

    166,26 € tax incl.
  • Waxed concrete kit for kitchen floors Quick view
    156,50 €tax incl.

    You want to rejuvenate your kitchen? We have a waxed concrete kit for your kitchen floor. With Harmony Béton, your kitchen will be a practical and pleasant room.

    156,50 € tax incl.
  • Bois Quick view
    170,35 €tax incl.

    Buy moulds to give a wood grain imprint to your concrete surface. Our rigid and flexible moulds are purchasable individually or as a kit of 3 rigid moulds + 1 flexible mould.

    170,35 € tax incl.
  • Verre gradué 2 L Quick view
    5,26 €tax incl.

    This 500 ml measuring jug is essential for perfectly measuring the quantity of resin necessary for applying waxed concrete.

    5,26 € tax incl.
  • Water-repellent liquid mass dose Quick view
    3,73 €tax incl.

    Waterproofing agent in the mass concretes, mortars, lime and bastards, having the effect of prohibiting the flow and the penetration of water and protect against the effects of humidity.

    3,73 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse inox pour béton ciré Quick view
    14,46 €tax incl.

    Flexible stainless steel blade with rounded edge, ideal for laying stucco or waxed concrete. Bi-material handle allowing a good grip.

    14,46 € tax incl.
  • Enviro Colored seal sample Quick view
    13,22 €tax incl.

    Need to test the color of the colored nail Polish before its application? Choose one or several colors, and test. Bottles of 250 ml.

    13,22 € tax incl.
  • Squaliss Quick view
    28,75 €tax incl.

    Blade specifically designed for the plasterer-painter, plaquiste or enduiseur. Ideal for large areas of polished concrete. Ergonomic handle in "S" to a position of a hand or claw easy.

    28,75 € tax incl.
  • Renovator of surface SMCS Quick view
    127,30 €tax incl.

    The Rénov concrete SMCS is a mortar ultra-thin happens to roll over a traditional concrete or a concrete printed. It allows you to renovate or change the color.

    127,30 € tax incl.
  • Joint d'arrêt Quick view
    16,20 €tax incl.

    Stop joint 100 cm long and 4.5 mm high. Perfect for stopping for example at the threshold of a door during the realization of a smooth concrete. Glued application. Available in length of 250 cm.

    16,20 € tax incl.
  • Truelles d'angle 1er prix Quick view
    17,56 €tax incl.

    Our entry-level corner trowels are have 120 mm quenched steel blades and polished wood handles. They enable you to obtain an exact finish in corners and in re-entrant and salient angles.

    17,56 € tax incl.
  • Kit, polished concrete XXL - Optimum Soil Quick view
    667,65 €tax incl.

    The kit XXL waxed concrete floor is a kit that allows you to do a ground of a surface of 25 m2 to 100 m2 with the best protection possible, the varnish optimum

    667,65 € tax incl.
  • ISY Béton ciré Standard Quick view
    80,20 €tax incl.

    Harmony ISY Standard Waxed Concrete is a ready-to-use, single-component acrylic mortar. It is applied in 1st layer before the application of ISY Fine Waxed Concrete. Easy to use: Open the bucket and apply. No mixing or coloring to do. Once opened, the product will keep for 12 months. 90 colors to choose from!

    80,20 € tax incl.
  • Harmony Béton ciré special floor Quick view
    98,95 €tax incl.

    Our special waxed concrete kit for floor tiling will allow you to produce surface areas of 2, 5 or 10 m² concrete over your old tiling.

    98,95 € tax incl.
  • Echantillon béton ciré Quick view
    29,19 €tax incl.

    You want to test our Harmony Béton acid stain concrete? We sell samples allowing you to produce a small 1 m² acid stain concrete surface. The sample is reimbursable when you place your first order by telephone!

    29,19 € tax incl.
  • Lisseuse plastique ABS rond Quick view
    11,29 €tax incl.

    This plastic straightener prevents black marks during the grinding of waxed concrete.

    11,29 € tax incl.
  • Echantillon béton ciré Quick view
    40,87 €tax incl.

    You want to test our patinated concrete? We sell samples allowing you to produce a 1 m² patinated concrete surface. The sample is reimbursable when you place your first order by telephone!

    40,87 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Chaussure à clous Quick view
    38,44 €tax incl.

    PermaPro nailed boots enable you to work without leaving marks when applying Harmony Béton smooth concrete.

    38,44 € tax incl.
  • Tools Kit Stamped concrete Quick view
    666,65 €tax incl.

    The kit includes all the tools necessary for producing your concrete imprint.

    666,65 € tax incl.
  • PermaPro Fer à bordure Quick view
    25,87 €tax incl.

    The PermaPro edger enables you to round the salient corners of concretes and shutterings. Facilitates shuttering removal without breaking the corners.

    25,87 € tax incl.
  • Seal-off for polished concrete 145 cm Quick view
    25,23 €tax incl.

    Arrest Joint of 145 cm long and 2 mm high. Perfect for stop for example at the threshold of a door at the completion of a polished concrete or on the edge of the staircase. Glue-down installation. Exists in a length of 100 cm.

    25,23 € tax incl.
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