Draining concrete - Stone carpet 

Draining concrete - Stone carpet

Harmony Béton porous concrete is a mixture of polyurethane resin and marble that creates a highly permeable surface. An eco-friendly alternative to bitumen or concrete, this product allows water to drain into the ground. Anti-slipping, frost-resistant and easy to maintain, Harmony Béton porous concrete is a decorative option for your walkways and pool decks.

  • Stone carpeting Quick view
    219,03 €tax incl.

    Harmony Béton porous concrete is a solvent-free, natural stone and polyurethane resin-based surfacing material. Harmony Béton porous concrete is designed to provide a porous surface of limited thickness, with a natural appearance.

    219,03 € tax incl.
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  • Harmony Granulate Quick view
    26,81 €tax incl.

    17 kg of granulate is required to form a l cm layer over an area of 1 m².

    26,81 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Stone carpet kit Quick view
    293,20 €tax incl.

    Our permeable concrete or stone carpet kit comprises aggregates and polyurethane resin. It is designed to be applied onto surfaces of 5, 25 or 50 m².

    293,20 € tax incl.
    Online only
  • Wash - stone Carpet Quick view
    161,18 €tax incl.

    Harmony Wash stone Carpet is a polyurethane treaty anti-UV (not yellow). It helps to strengthen the mat or carpet of stone and/or restore to an aspect of brilliance. 4 kg = +/- 12 m2

    161,18 € tax incl.
  • Prim Granita Universal Quick view
    18,87 €tax incl.

    Universal Prim Granite is a primer universal liquid composed of synthetic resin, adhesion promoter, and specific charges (granular) allowing the grip to the mortar.It allows you to regulate the porosity of the supports and adheres to the substrates such as concrete, tile, stone, etc., that it is porous or not.

    18,87 € tax incl.
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