Béton lissé Kits 

Béton lissé Kits

Harmony Béton has created kits for small surfaces measuring 5 to 52 m2. They contain everything you need to complete your project: epoxy and sand primer, polished concrete, and varnish.

  • Standard complete smooth concrete kit
    513,75 €tax incl.

    The Standard Smooth Concrete Kit contains all the necessary products for surfaces of 12, 15, 20 and 50 m2 on 5 mm thickness with a standard traditional primer.

    513,75 € tax incl.
  • Kit polished concrete screed anhydrite
    529,30 €tax incl.

    The kit polished concrete screed anhydrite contains all of the necessary products to make surfaces 12, 15, 20 and 50 m2 at 5 mm thickness on a slab or a scratch coat with our primary granita universal.

    529,30 € tax incl.
  • Complete Kit, béton lissé Pro
    542,40 €tax incl.

    The kit polished concrete Pro includes all the necessary products to make surfaces for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 50 m2, 5 mm thick, with a primary Pro (epoxy resin). The polished concrete is a coating that has the advantage of being able to ask quick and simple.

    542,40 € tax incl.
  • Tools Kit béton lissé
    156,00 €tax incl.

    Our smooth concrete toolkit contains all the tools you will need for producing smooth concrete.

    156,00 € tax incl.
  • Mini kit outils pour béton lissé
    60,68 €tax incl.

    This toolkit for smooth concrete includes tools that will be useful to your for producing a smooth concrete surface.

    60,68 € tax incl.
  • Joint de dilatation
    21,49 €tax incl.

    Expansion joint of 145 cm and 4.5 mm height. Perfect for use with existing expansion joints when producing smooth concrete. Fitted bonded.

    21,49 € tax incl.
  • Verre gradué 2 L
    10,65 €tax incl.

    This 2 L measuring jug is an essential tool for perfectly measuring a quantity of water for smooth concrete.

    10,65 € tax incl.
  • Joint d'arrêt
    21,49 €tax incl.
  • Echantillon béton ciré
    40,10 €tax incl.

    You want to test our smooth concrete? Harmony Béton sells samples allowing you to produce a small smooth concrete surface. The sample is reimbursable when you place your first order by telephone!

    40,10 € tax incl.
  • Échantillon de Béton lissé
    5,30 €tax incl.

    You hesitate between 2 colors? We made 20 x 20 cm smooth concrete plates for you to choose your color. The plates are protected with Premium varnish.

    5,30 € tax incl.
  • Nuancier matières
    26,10 €tax incl.

    This 12-tone colour chart enables you to identify colours with precision. It is produced from actual applications of Harmony Béton smooth concrete. This chart also allows you to compare our Optimum matt, satin-finish and gloss glazes. Delivery is free in France.

    26,10 € tax incl.
  • Seau Plastique vide
    1,98 €tax incl.

    Plastic buckets of 5, 11 or 20 L capacity for preparing and mixing, for example, waxed concrete, cement-glue or spray.

    1,98 € tax incl.
  • Joint de dilatation
    14,83 €tax incl.

    Expansion joint 100cm long 4.5mm high. Perfect for respecting existing expansion joints when making smooth concrete. Glued application.

    14,83 € tax incl.
  • Joint d'arrêt
    14,83 €tax incl.

    Stop joint 100 cm long and 4.5 mm high. Perfect for stopping for example at the threshold of a door during the realization of a smooth concrete. Glued application. Available in length of 250 cm.

    14,83 € tax incl.
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