Protection of a concrete floor is of fundamental importance to its durability and daily maintenance.

For the protection of your flooring, various options are available, depending upon the following:

- the interior or exterior location of your decorative concrete

- its intended use (light traffic, moderate traffic, intense traffic)

- the desired finish (matt, satin, gloss)

For interiors:

In order to select the protection to be applied to your interior flooring or walls, it is necessary to establish its intended use.

For moderate traffic (stairways, bedrooms, etc.) use Harmony Premium Concrete Sealer, in satin or matt finish

For intense traffic (kitchens, showers, work surfaces, stores, etc.), use Harmony Pore Sealant + Harmony Optimum Concrete Sealer, in matt, satin or gloss finish.

For surfaces where there is a risk of slipping (patios, exterior stairways, showers), anti-slip powder may be added to your lacquer.

For exterior use:

Harmony Premium Concrete Sealer may be applied to fresh concrete or old concrete. In the case of fresh concrete, this lacquer will have a simultaneous curing and protective effect in the concrete concerned.

All the tools required for the application of lacquers can be found here.